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The Story of Upstairs Downstairs – Intro

Opening of Part 1 of The Story of Upstairs Downstairs which was a five part documentary series on the generating of the classic 1970s drama series. Directed by Stephen La Riviere.

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16 Responses to “The Story of Upstairs Downstairs – Intro”

  1. derekbd says:

    @mrspatrickcampbell Are you on drugs?

  2. derekbd says:

    @penninefilms Write English much? ;)

  3. derekbd says:

    @Kellyannk308 Write English much?

  4. ninuserenkanin says:


    Do you think being homosexual is a problem since you choose to mention your observation?

  5. listerone says:

    @mrspatrickcampbell What a foolish comment.James was many things but homosexual wasn’t one of them.

  6. mrspatrickcampbell says:

    James Bellamy appears to be a homosexual.


  7. bettypro says:

    no americans did not think this was a documentary… it was shown on a public broadcast channel which normally showed documentaries, but we werent that dense.

  8. creolelady182 says:

    I loved this series and the writers had a way of allowing the viewing audience to be a part of this family. British writers are excellent. The production values are the best. Watching the program, I never understood the class system in Great Britain. I have a better understanding now since watching this program. great period piece

  9. penninefilms says:

    I think this is the beast British series every made I so the spin off the the US made my god they really meats it up I hope that the BBC make it like the original series and not a modern day one

  10. mediamadman747 says:

    My favorite show, (have it on VHS and DVD) but there were a couple episodic clunkers along the way. I guess it makes you appreciate the others all the more.

  11. Kellyannk308 says:

    PBS Masterpiece theatre and BBC going remake they going show here in the US for 2011 season of that series run

  12. AndreaMimi says:

    Many thanks for this video.

  13. candacekanecook says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!!! I’m such an UPDOWN JUNKIE!!!

  14. bowler8 says:

    Nicola Pagett looks fantastic, she doesn’t seem to have changed a bit, even though she has suffered from depression.

  15. mimimirwitch says:

    i was obsessed with this progamme when i was about ten~ (i’m sixteen now.)
    i have all the videos! <3

  16. Alaw1234 says:

    thanx 4 this

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