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The Story of Festivus

A brief History. As told by George Costanza of the NBC Show Seinfeld.
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25 Responses to “The Story of Festivus”

  1. RFKFANTS67 says:

    NO! NO! feats of strength lol!

  2. mijreed says:


  3. iamdemonhunter3 says:

    Frank walks into monks draggin an aluminum pole with him… “is that the pole?” “george festivus is a part of who you are!” “thats why i hate it”

  4. WillScurvyrat says:

    “I’ll Get the pole out of the Crawlspace.”

    I love this Thumbs up!

  5. mijreed says:

    “You don’t need glasses! You’re just weak…you’re weak!” Too funny

  6. dameanz says:

    Another Festivus Miracle!

  7. YaYoAr says:


  8. 450984 says:

    “That must have been some doll”? SHE WAS!

  9. OlderG0ds says:

    Good thinking Kouger

  10. forrestlana says:

    festivus for the rest of us !! auhahauhauahua .. GENIAL !!!

  11. asb1741 says:

    I’ve got a lot of problems with you people and now ur gonna hear about them

  12. ReptileRanger719 says:

    “I lost my train of thought.” Haha!

  13. EugeneJZ says:

    Frank: Read that poem…
    Little George: I can’t read it I need my glasses.
    Frank: You don’t need glasses you just weed, YOU WEED!
    Estelle: Leave him alone!

    Serious lol.

  14. farhane398 says:


  15. Seemar101 says:

    I could never understand this show unless I was baked.

  16. cola00000 says:

    03:21-03:32… lmfao

  17. kremzarmatic says:

    its time for the festivus lol happy festivus suckers

  18. okauj says:

    happy festivus everyone!!!…you’re all a big disappointment….and youtube sucks everyday more and more…

  19. why760nitro says:

    best festivus in a nut shell vid BUT!! . please upgrade the quality

  20. bobmortock says:

    2:45 Is that Jack Black or just his spitting image?

  21. BRUC2016 says:

    Happy Festijew for the rest o’ you!

    George Soros, The Cast Of Seinfeld, the National Democrat Committee,
    and the ACLU.

    P.S. The ACLU needs to locate a Christmas display that offends someone.
    They’re itching to sue someone.

  22. BlueThunder0407 says:

    Happy Festivus!

  23. cuby1 says:

    is the airing of the grievences tonight and feats of strength tomorrow?

  24. chorri9 says:

    FESTIVUS RULES…. I have problems with you ppl and u r gonna hear about ‘em… You should all stop watching youtube videos and start to celebrate Festivus

  25. sammyforeverr94 says:

    happy Festivus everyone!!! i personally love the feats of strength…. :P

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