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The Smothers Brothers – My Old Man

The many possibilities of one’s father.

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25 Responses to “The Smothers Brothers – My Old Man”

  1. peludaytwinky says:


  2. richart58 says:

    @skipplet its not that at the time that was the term used.

  3. richart58 says:

    i remember watching them as a kid, and also being upset when they were shut down !

  4. ayashadilrukshi says:

    Search some naughty women online ****

  5. Dawgmandede says:

    @jcnsync1 yes you could. You can say so many more things than you could. The FCC swung liberal.

  6. DigiSim says:

    Good thing he didn’t say pheasant plucker.

  7. ja3399 says:

    @gonzobuc1 I absolutely love your comment. Smothers Brothers broke ground, and scared a lot of official people, so the suits shut them down. But they are not truly gone, nor forgotten. I was young when their great show was on the air, and now I am not so young (62 yrs old), but I have not forgotten, and am delighted to be able to see them here now. They were right-on true then. and I think I appreciate them even more now. Long live Smothers Brothers!

  8. MalnourishedGoat says:

    @unusuallynormal231 I think “fruit.”

  9. unusuallynormal231 says:

    Did they censor the word “freak”?

  10. gonzobuc1 says:

    The Smothers Brothers broke ground and were shut down by the government thru CBS.
    God bless em.

  11. lonestarpunk says:

    lol “youre a fascist” hahaha

  12. lonestarpunk says:

    hahaha “you are a fascist”

  13. Barclay1987 says:


  14. 990183 says:

    That’s Gold Jerry, …Gold!! What great timing, So funny. Glad I got to see them 2 years ago as they retired this spring.

  15. DINOLOVER6717 says:

    OMG! LOL.
    Dick: Lower your voice.
    Tom: (deep voice) Say he wears a bra….

  16. Spocky730 says:

    Political Correctness has crippled comedy today. Even with the comedians we have today, they have lines they won’t cross, this song does the same thing I do with thinking outside the box. They think there isn’t a line at all.

  17. tokarski21 says:

    What a great show it was.

  18. JCjazz says:

    This was one of Jack´╗┐´╗┐ Andrews’ favorite songs. He would play it often on his all night radio program, “The Bat Club,” on WDJX-FM in Louisville, Kentucky. WJDX was the #1 (Arbitron rated) FM station in the market at the time. Jack passed away on July 29, 2010. He was 48 years old.

  19. SyvetheShairks says:

    How about a nudist negro?

  20. sm9847 says:

    This was during the Civil Rights marches of the 60′s. I remember it well, even though it never made it to the album.

    FYI: The composer of this particular song was interviewed a few years ago. The song was originally 7 verses long.

  21. diamend says:

    I love these guys…remember watching their show with my dad.

  22. albesure2007 says:

    I like the Wayans Brothers version of them better on” In Living Color “.

  23. Elric33239 says:

    I saw them last year in Trenton, NJ and they’re still funny! Thanks for the laughs!

  24. milzy1345 says:

    @OutrunTheWolf correction: it was before every word that had any reference at all to any race was considered racist. how is saying that someone is black racist if the colour of their skin is actually black? saying it and implying that it’s bad to be black is a different story of course, but i don’t think he had any intention of being racist

  25. ronshalita says:

    great harmony wow

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