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The Smothers Brothers – My Old Man

The many possibilities of one’s father.

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25 Responses to “The Smothers Brothers – My Old Man”

  1. kurtb8474 says:

    @gonzobuc1 CBS controlled by the government? Considering the last 2 and a half years, I would believe that.

  2. kurtb8474 says:

    I watched the show during those days. I was a just a kid, so the political stuff got by me. I watched the reruns 25 years later and understood why they were canned. They were funny when they were just being funny. They were entertaining. They had a unique act. But when they got political and let their progressive side show, they were irritating. TV shows were driven by viewers in those days. If viewers didn’t like what they were seeing, a show got canned.

  3. banjo9052 says:

    These guys are fabulous.

  4. ragingbull2001 says:

    my old man’s a negro. he’s not a negro. YOU ARE A FASCIST!!! i’m not a fascist

  5. markb740 says:

    love it

  6. HometownRevenge says:

    Man, these guys are absolutely hilarious. Comedy, for the most part these days, just doesn’t have what this has anymore.

  7. xXSaviorOfTheDarkXx says:

    hmmm, well at 5:50, I really do what to be a blind and big fat bacon thing that I can see complected :) IT ALL MAKES SENSE! Thank you google translate audio! I know my meaning in life! :D

  8. 1justkath says:

    i loved that show

  9. Aru18 says:

    oh my god, turn on the captions @5:50 ! That’s what I wanna be when I grow up LOL

  10. singerbassoonist says:


  11. gale31 says:

    It’s amazing thought provoking shows get canned because they speak against war and racism, but we are allowed to watch trash like Jersey Shore and Real Housewives. Art is so dead.

  12. epiphyticsab says:

    Its quite obvious that anyone who did not like this is simply not old enough to remember them.

  13. milkchaser says:

    chords: google smothers brothers “my old man” chords
    They’re out there.

  14. terrryc says:

    The most interesting thing about the Smothers is that they could hold their own as folk singers. that’s what got them in front of audiences at first. After that, it was all downhill into the morass of Sibling revelry. What a wonderfully original act….

  15. JustinWomackMusic says:

    Has anybody got the chords for this one? I can’t seem to find them anywhere…

  16. petramy says:

    come on, shut up and tell me!
    you’ll take it out of context!

    Love it!

  17. msamyg7 says:

    Love my old man! Tommy is too much! Glad we got to see them a few years ago :)

  18. msamyg7 says:

    Love my old man!

  19. loveurcat says:

    One of the best shows on TV at that time and they kept getting shut down. Things are so different now. I didn’t know anyone who was offended by anything they said and there was no foul language. Still love them – I hope they live to be 100.

  20. genesislover says:

    @ObamaKennedy2060 I think he says “fruit”.

  21. creeperdude123 says:

    8 people knew Gort Smothers.

  22. trekkiekid3000 says:

    @thomas221100 he says it at 3:17 too.

  23. SirHatchporch says:

    “You sure talk dirty since you got hair on your lip.” LOL

  24. ajbass18x says:

    it was nixon who stopped this show

  25. ajbass18x says:

    it nixon who stopped this show

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