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The Sixth Finger

David McCallum is a coal miner who is transformed into a futuristic man with a grotesquely enlarged brain, a sixth finger and tremendous mental powers.
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25 Responses to “The Sixth Finger”

  1. funis2sk8 says:

    @spacepatrolman I dont think you understood what I said at all…

  2. GraveMistake1 says:

    Dude evolved into the Great Gazoo.

  3. albatross7677 says:

    The whole town must be utterly destroyed, an example must be made!!

  4. jacopman says:

    @aikicinema aerodynamics…………hehe

  5. MzSunnyJeep says:

    I would never want to be that intellegent…..would get boring knowing everything.

  6. spacepatrolman says:

    @funis2sk8 NO he said you wouldnt want to go back to being an ape but she pulls him back at the last minute

  7. funis2sk8 says:

    He had a mind evolved over a million years into the future of mankind and he couldn’t figure out a way to work the machine on his own from inside the chamber…lol. He must have wanted her to turn him back.

  8. hypnoboy3 says:

    47 years after i first watched this,doctors still do not know how are brain and chemicals really work. what a chilling reality. of course these doctors are just bone, blood and muscle, and they havnt any answers and will die. what a masquerade they play, its crazy, to hold this false perception of them. they have a white uniform and everyone is hypnotized by a false belief. is anyone else awake? i am….thats whats scary.

  9. ATENakaATON says:

    who is this blonde woman, damn’s she’s gorgeous

  10. ATENakaATON says:

    @aikicinema better to attract a mate

  11. frenchmarky says:

    @aikicinema Lots of animals have pointed ears, dogs, cats, etc. Shaping the ear more like the cross-section of a cone probably picks up more frequencies. Heh but then again who needs to hear when one can throw people across a room just by giving em a dirty look? : )

  12. MrEoin2 says:

    @viralshadow David McCallum is best known for his past roles on American television as Kuryakin in the spy drama “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and his current role as “Ducky” Mallard, the chief ME in the detective show “NCIS”. To what extent these programs are SF is debatable; they both certainly make high use of some fantastic technology. He did do a short lived SF series in the UK called “Sapphire and Steel”.

  13. troytblevins says:

    indiana come visit on vacation and leave on probation,if your poor stay out of dearborn county indiana, i have been trapped here for twenty years.

  14. TimelordR says:

    Who’s to say that this would be the evolutionary path mankind will take within a span of a million years or so, provided they do not destroy themselves over the course of time.

  15. THEHORNBECK123 says:

    That has got be Gould playing Bach’s Prelude No. 5 in D BWV 850a. Nobody plays it like that.

  16. ReverendSyn says:

    If you pulled a Sixth Finger would you get a brain fart?

  17. ReverendSyn says:

    @spacepatrolman I was looking for “The Man Who Evolved.”

    And Reagan was awesome.

  18. ReverendSyn says:

    @ReverendSyn Ah, yes. That’s it. Thank you.

  19. spacepatrolman says:

    @spacepatrolman the other part of the story is carl wilson of the beach boys was a conscientios objector tn the vietnam war james watt through the beach boys out of washington dc concerts reagen called him up and said you idiot now 9 million people that like the beach boys wont vote for me and invited them to the white house

  20. spacepatrolman says:

    @ReverendSyn donavans brain had lew ayres and nancy reagen about a millionaire that wants to live forever and puts his brain in a jar [ironic because lew ayres was a conscientious objector in world war 2 that was a medic in 6 battles and nancy reagen was married to presedint reagan who wasnt exactly a peace nik

  21. spacepatrolman says:

    @aikicinema You can hear better when your playing the piano with your 12 fingers

  22. aikicinema says:

    What possible evolutionary purpose could pointy ears serve?

  23. tvjeff53 says:

    This episode is also a real classic Sci fiction episode I always love the classics.

  24. tvjeff53 says:

    This is a great episode of “The Outer Limits” truly one of my favorites and I like the make up as well as the special effects in this episode too, Thank you so much for posting this.

  25. Spongebiby says:

    this muthafucka is so ugly

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