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The Six Million Dollar Man

1976 and Lee Majors was at the height of his success with the series! Everything just seemed to fall into place and the series in my estimation had perfected itself! The more I watch this clip, the more I think what a super show this series really was! I think Lee Majors was 100% the man to play Steve Austin! I mean just look at this man run!!

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25 Responses to “The Six Million Dollar Man”

  1. kirkindog says:

    Luved The Series. Hated The Mustache.

  2. abcd66451 says:

    that location reminds me Knight-Rider!

  3. dbc1dc says:

    awesome, he must have bionic hair too cause at 60mph it doesn’t even move!

  4. LaurieJames says:

    Fantastic. He was my boyhood hero.

  5. beautifulbranden says:

    can’t wait to get it…love the 70′s/80′s TV shows!!

  6. DogArt2010 says:

    Are you aware that “The Six Million Dollar Man” and “The Bionic Woman” are coming out on DVD in the U.S. and Canada this fall. The first season of “The Bionic Woman will be out in stores on Oct. 19. The entire series of “The Six Million Dollar Man” will be out on Nov. 23, BUT it will not be sold in stores. You have to order it through TimeLife. Pass the word

  7. smithdsmit says:

    remember the episode where oscar takes a paper clip off a paper and there are 2 chemicals on the clip that mix together and burn a hole right through oscars desk.Ist it from this episode?

  8. retrofann1 says:

    Great action and music montage that reminds me why i still like this series and yes I said still like all these years later.

  9. retrofann1 says:

    @smithdsmit Danny’s Inferno (Season 4)

  10. camwent1 says:

    Don’t worry. In the Fall, Time-Life is supposed to be releasing the entire run of the show so viewers will be able to see this episode and everything this great show has to offer.

  11. ArgosWarrior says:

    Wot a Tash!

  12. ruissman says:

    At 2:35 The field go is GOOD!

  13. jamesdodd64 says:

    is it true he kicked for the NY Jets for three seasons or is my Pa just fib’n me ?

  14. RodrigoMJ32 says:

    run Steve run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. smithdsmit says:

    what episode was this taken from?

  16. silverzhawk says:

    @Astraldragon1 Of course if you are gonna talk about good old tv shows, you have to include A-team, Incredible Hulk, Dukes Of Hazzard, Fall Guy, Werewolf, And Hunter

  17. Astraldragon1 says:

    @silverzhawk , Yes I remember that episode from Knight Rider, I ‘m a big fan of Knight Rider, it was a great show as well as 6 Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman.

  18. Banner1979 says:

    Great slo-mo action accompanied by funky ’70s music.

  19. silverzhawk says:

    Not sure what compliments this scene more the action or the great music montage. I think both work. Also this location was used about 7 years later in an episode of Knight Rider (Knightmares) when Michael loses his memory if anyone remembers that episode from season 2.

  20. silverzhawk says:

    @Joinedjustforthis adds more to it.

  21. CalyxAsgard says:

    Clearly that guy was astounded by how someone can run in slow motion.

  22. jjohn2k says:

    at the start you can see I 5 in the background

  23. siwfda says:

    si pudiste poner este clip , pues pon el capitulo completo…gracias

  24. Joinedjustforthis says:

    Is it just me or does the music really get inside your ears?

  25. onlySupermanReeve says:

    he looks so cool

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