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The Sims 1 Bozo The Clown

The Sims 1 Bozo The Clown
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25 Responses to “The Sims 1 Bozo The Clown”

  1. BLong100591 says:

    bozo’s a jerk wad

  2. dekoyy says:

    This Is What Happend Kids. Never EVER Play With Clown Toys.

  3. Kurolli says:

    LOL. A skunk, Bozo, And now claire the bear, what else can go wrong?…

  4. LorenzotheGreatt says:

    oh god its been years since i played the first sims. i forgot how scary the music is!!!

  5. YesHero55 says:

    Clowns Take their Revenge.

  6. Ramj78 says:

    @azaman1000 they did me too. I 14 now and sometimes i hear the dreaded….. DUH-DUUUH (fades)

  7. azaman1000 says:

    @Ramj78 ive got it on my PS2 and i havent played it since 2004 cuz the themes made me shat myself ‘-.-

  8. Ramj78 says:

    @azaman1000 lol cant wait till tomoz so i get game again

  9. azaman1000 says:

    @Ramj78 EEEEPPPIIICCCC!!!!!!!

  10. Ramj78 says:

    Getting this game this week. Love it. played it nwhen i was yonger. Quick Question though. how did you make your town map. it would be great to know

  11. Ramj78 says:

    @azaman1000 Yes it did. in a sadistic way. BUT STILL EPIC

  12. azaman1000 says:

    I dont know why but 2:27 just sounded epic for some reason…

  13. smileyandpeace says:

    so bozo the fucking clown does this too you when you play with it!!

  14. THEJOSHISLOL says:

    The funny thing is that the whole house was on fire, yet they sent 1 firemen.

    Logic point = 1.

  15. NeoSpeedfire says:

    What a douche lol

  16. lucas1867 says:


  17. slashboy200 says:

    @Skippytrue2222 in game music

  18. Skippytrue2222 says:

    Did you add the music or was it already in the game?..this game is SO messed up XD

  19. Kingddd333 says:

    @Pufflestudio09 Same thing. Frontcam IS a screen recorder. Just wanted to know the program, thanks.

  20. Pufflestudio09 says:

    @Kingddd333 He didn’t use a camera. He used a screen recorder called Fraps.

  21. Kingddd333 says:

    What camera did you use to record? All I have is crappy frontcam.

  22. superfanofmk says:

    LOL at 2:29. she passed out because of the fire :P

  23. slashboy200 says:

    @lilysocute3 it all burned

  24. lilysocute3 says:

    What happend to eveything when you were done?

  25. TheGreatGageaz says:

    Wait a minute…

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