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The Roy Rogers Show Opening

This is the opening segment from the 1950′s TV Western, The Roy Rogers Show. Several episodes are available at HoughsVideos.50Megs.Com.
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25 Responses to “The Roy Rogers Show Opening”

  1. InfoWarsTV1 says:

    This reminds me of Batman’s more famous quotes.

  2. TheJTCProductions11 says:

    yippi kai yay motherfucker…

  3. serberious says:

    @hawkssoxgirl88 Well said, pardner,well said,see you in the next town down the trail.

  4. serberious says:

    @hawkssoxgirl88 Well said, pardner,wellsaid,see you in the next town down the trail.

  5. dynagravitomagnetic says:

    I was named after this guy, but in the original beginning he was shown riding full gallop and firing a single action revolver forward until it was empty. – It was like he was really trying to kill someone. with a goofy shit smile on his face,- this was the creepiest thing to behold on television n 1965!

  6. cyborlite says:

    @BibleThumperMan Why do you find it necessary to be so rude?

  7. Juliaflo says:

    It may interest you to know that 2012 marks the centennial of the birth of Leonard Franklin Slye-Roy Rogers to you.

  8. BibleThumperMan says:

    Your audio is all fucked up you asshole this is not a good recording you now need to re record this you son of a bitch!

  9. FLSHBK1 says:

    How can the kids of today’s generation continue to live, without ever having seen Roy & Dale, or Gene Autry, or Randolph Scott, or Gary Cooper, or Lt. Rip Masters, or Matt Dillon, or The Lone Ranger? How can they have any moral compass without those role models? How does any hair grow on their chest?? Will they ever procreate? What will they become without these vital life-lessons? Is red-blooded society headed for doom and ruin? Ohh, carry me back to the chrome-bumper ’50s!

  10. TheUbermensch9 says:

    King of the Cowboys, indeed. Anyone remember the Cisco Kid? Only Latino actor around in those days, as I recall.

  11. MusicFanJackie says:

    I think it’s kind of sad that Trigger got higher billing over Dale Evans. And, Dale’s horse, Buttermilk, wasn’t even mentioned! LOL

  12. MusicFanJackie says:

    It’s kind of sad that Trigger got higher billing over Dale Evans. And, Dale’s horse, Buttermilk, wasn’t even mentioned! LOL

  13. mragentblue says:

    Ah, but thanks to Eddie Van Halen & Co., “Happy Trails” will never die :)

  14. fairhillnorrie says:

    isnt life just to short…. like only yesterday…

  15. tuxguys says:


    …at least I’m consistent.

  16. tuxguys says:

    With the (possible) exception of the opening of “Superman,” positively the coolest opening of any TV show, for a kid, in the ’50s’s.
    Having our own “Trigger” was beyond most of us; having our own “Bullet” was somewhat more realistic.
    (My own Bullet, too say nothing of my own Ace, the Bat-Hound, it was my privilege to share space with from 1989 to 2004, and his name was “Dash.”
    RIP Dashill Hammutt.)

  17. virago1776 says:

    @hawkssoxgirl88 Well, you just made my day.

  18. TheBabyboomkidof53 says:

    my job saturday mornings was cut the grass. but not before roy rogers show by golly! you can forget that.

  19. 1564mauricio says:

    Roy Rogers’s Ranch is in Barstow California, there people can see many objects used by the him in his films.
    Thumbs up.

  20. keydet72 says:

    @StvMcQueen1 Don’t feel like you’re alone. I remember that quote too and well as a bunch of other silly stuff from 50 years ago. Don’t ask me what I did five minutes ago though because it’s gone forever.

  21. charitybeau says:

    He was my favourite cowboy, watched him every Saturday morning. I got to see him perform with Trigger at the Ky. State Fair when I was small. I can still remember him and that gorgeous horse in the center of the field in a spotlight. He was a real gentleman.

  22. jillgivler says:

    Roy Rogers is a pansy. Gene Autry is the REAL King of the Cowboys, and he can sing better too. ;-D But I love Trigger and Bullet.

  23. groomtroy says:

    I remember this as a kid, brings a tear to the eye. Me and my great grand parents love Trigger & Bullet. This is an lost era when T.V. was truly about family time and enjoyment.

  24. zipper179 says:

    @brewster102 Not true..! It was always:
    TRIGGER, The Smartest Horse In The Movies
    BOB NOLAN & The Sons Of The Pioneers

    That’s how they were billed in the movies.. Few leading ladies in B-Westerns are even remembered.. Dale Evans was a very real exception.. Soon, Dale Evans, and, later, Penny Edwards got top billing-3rd billing, after Trigger.. But, the audience, me included, loved her..

  25. zipper179 says:

    A sad revelation for all Roy Rogers fans.. The secret is out.. Dale Evans actually had the the faster horse.. Buttermilk was a Quarter Horse, and she had to kind hold him back, so he wouldn’t outrun Trigger.. Roy, Dale, & Trigger.. We love you, Pat Brady, Nellie Belle, and, Bullet..

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