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The Rifleman Theme Song

Most people that have seen the series remember Chuck Conners shooting off a rifle at the beginning of each show. But how many people remember that it had a theme song as well? Unless you’ve seen the show when it was first on (before TV stations started doing that voice over crap at the end of shows) then you’ve probablly missed it. So here it is for you. I hope you enjoy it. A few episodes are available at HoughsVideos.50Megs.Com
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25 Responses to “The Rifleman Theme Song”

  1. elc1960 says:

    @ShockDoc Ironic that both those songs are available on the compilation “Television’s Greatest Hits”. Big seller that was originally available in 1985 only through mail order, but through popular demand was released to retail a year later. There are now 7 volumes, plus one of old TV commercials.

  2. TerrellGuell says:

    @Ariverflowing I agree, but I am a bit young to remember stuff from the 50′s and 60′s since I am only in my 20′s

  3. CJOKUSAP says:

    @ ariverofflowingshite – take your poncy religious waffling to a blog, you fucktard.

  4. Ariverflowing says:

    @TerrellGuell To answer your question: I think in the beginning of our fall away from moralsour society has thought you could be a ‘good person’ without being answerable to God. Remember the big black headlines in the late fifties or early sixties that said “God is Dead”? Once a society leaves the Ten Commandments AND ITS AUTHOR out of its daily living, you get sleaze tv, horrific mass murders and a younger generation who thinks Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie and other sleaze is ok

  5. britfrenir says:

    Me Tv does not have voice overs.

  6. Sheri451 says:

    Don’t they show this on Encore Westerns?

  7. TerrellGuell says:

    I love this show, my 2 year old son and I watch it everyday on WHT at 4 and 4:30 and he always marches in place when this music comes on at the end. Last night I was watching Rifleman clips online and I looked over at the tv for a little bit in between clips and a stripper was getting arrested with her boyfriend/cousin on TRUtv. How did tv go from being great back then to the point that my generation has taken it too?

  8. GojyotheFeared says:


    Maybe not by itself, but I have a few episodes of the Rifleman on dvd along with a score of other oldies like Judge Roy Bean and even Dusty’s Trail.

  9. upperdarbybill says:

    @rolex452 Crap! Chuck launched the careeers of Little Joe & Hoss in the first half of the 1st season. Only to be knocked out of 1st place by Bonanza. I don’t know what happened but The Rifleman was not even in the top 20 after season 3.

  10. upperdarbybill says:

    @JKHcoasters YES SIR! I have always believed it. Hershal Gilbert was coaxed out of Germany @ the time Sam (Peckinpah) Chuck, Jules, Arthur & Arnold were putting the final touches on this wonderful saga to create a fantastic score throughout each episode. Too bad you can’t get any of it on hard copy. I dig anyone who talks RIFLEMAN!

  11. wgr88 says:

    When i was young this was my FAVORITE western still is.

  12. 9001tank says:

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  13. mileafaye says:

    I so much enjoyed this show growing up. I appreciate it still! The theme music I always assumed was some sort of cool classical piece. It was great, and equally matched to a great show. I remember hearing that even as The Rifleman went into reruns, it was the most popular show in China, and Chuck Conners was revered there. It was a story of a man who lived by an honorable code and who ably struggled to stick to it , all the while as a loving father teaching his son to to do the same.

  14. jefferzone61 says:

    fyi This theme is real close to “Wait for the Wagon”…I gotta research that….

  15. kurotanuki1021 says:



  16. compactct1 says:

    @dahsuerk This was the opening theme, there were two different ones.

  17. johneverett12345 says:

    im 14 and every morning i would get up and watch the rifleman but they stoped showing it on the western channel

  18. flyboy712 says:

    God I haven’t heard that since about 1965! Thanks for posting it!!

  19. coloradostar50 says:

    the first theme sounds like a?square dance” the 2nd one sounds sucky though ..but both sounds great .. thanks for the songs there..

  20. MickeyT54 says:

    Oh yeah…these were the shows that didn’t make fools of fathers. Strong male
    role models. Not today.

  21. dahsuerk says:

    Is this the ending. I remember “the Rifleman” walking down the street and shooting his gun at the bigging of the show.

  22. classic287 says:

    But the greatest show of all time is not a western. It is my all time favorite “The Andy Griffith Show”. It cannot be topped……..

  23. classic287 says:

    The second is “Bonanza”……….

  24. classic287 says:

    This is my favorite western theme and show

  25. belair55zz56 says:

    You got to love these old westerns, they wouldn’t survive in today’s world, I loved the series and watched it in sindication,

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