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The Rifleman – Day of the Hunter 1 of 3

Season 2, Episode 15: Originally Aired: Jan 5, 1960 A famous old frontiersman, with a reputation as the best rifleman around, challenges Lucas to see who’s really the best.
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9 Responses to “The Rifleman – Day of the Hunter 1 of 3”

  1. teesteven says:

    connors was 6ft 6in james arnes is 6ft 7in, big dudes for back in the day

  2. pb6075 says:

    thanks for the upload

  3. MrOsvaldomustang says:

    que grande!!!

  4. 11111111jws says:

    Matt you keep on doing these we ALL love em! Way cool thanks :)

  5. utubemusiccritic says:

    By the way, my favorite episode with John Anderson is the one where he plays Johnny Beaumont, who comes to North Fork to seek revenge 15 years after Lucas sent him to prison as a deputy in Kansas territory.

  6. utubemusiccritic says:

    John Anderson, who plays the mountain man in this episode, made the most number of guest appearances on the show, I believe.

  7. sbmrunning says:

    @tthomaselli2 i’d second that !

  8. Hypsan says:

    Six foot six inch Chuck Connors was a pro baseball player turned actor. A good move on his part. He was one of the most intimidating presences on all of television, and his acting skills had as much to do with it as did his SIZE! I remember as a kid being so incredibly impressed with that rifle and his ability to handle it as if it were an actual extension of his arm! I never could figure out why men were willing to take him on. That was back before I understood the concept of paid actors.

  9. tthomaselli2 says:

    0:00-0:21.; The most epic intro in TV history!

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