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The Rat Patrol TV Series Tribute

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24 Responses to “The Rat Patrol TV Series Tribute”

  1. HunterR909 says:

    Here is a bit of trivia, In the early episodes, The .50Cal MGs were the Flexible Design, But later They were the Iconic Heavy Barrel Version, Where do you think the Rat Patrol Got the AN 50s?

  2. william14486 says:

    when the rat patrol was on tv i would watch it even the reruns because that was one show it a classic, to watch two [2] sgt and two [2] pvt beat the snot out of a german capt. and laugh about t

  3. Philliesrock97 says:

    @RRaquello Do you know of a tv show on the history channel called pawn stars? well anyway someone brought a lunch box exactly like the one youre talking about into the pawn shop to see what she could get for it. I dont remember if she sold it or not, but im sure you could find the episode somewhere on the internet.

  4. RRaquello says:

    I was just a couple of years too young for the Rat Patrol, but there was a kid in our class who had a Rat Patrol lunchbox. It was his older brother’s lunch box and he had to use it because his mother wouldn’t buy him a new and up-to-date lunchbox, and we used to make fun of him because he had a lunchbox of a program that wasn’t even on TV anymore. Boy oh boy, what little kids won’t think of. I bet that lunch box would be worth some money now on the collector’s market.

  5. 1942PANTHERV says:

    hans gudegast..who later became eric braeden…portrayed a true german soldier..i respect him for that..and thank him….

  6. danzamphi says:

    @eze417 Yep, the German’s can’t shoot, the American’s can’t miss, and machine guns never run out of ammo! What a ball they must have had!!

  7. sirena57 says:

    i would like to know what happened to lawrence casey. by the end i know he didn’t go on acting after the seventies. somebody khows?

  8. spacepatrolman says:

    @eze417 raymond was in el cid and playboy of the western world he turned down the outer limits the 6th finger he said im a serious actor

  9. spacepatrolman says:

    @eze417 thats what georges wife said on a talk show they filmed the rat patrol on the coast of spain there is a desert there

  10. spacepatrolman says:

    @eze417 i know a us veteran who was in the army in world war 2 he said the germans were stupid except for the ss eric bradens father was the mayor of a town in germany that comitted suicide after the war he has some clouti n the german cultural society

  11. eze417 says:

    @spacepatrolman Yeah, that’s a good comparison. My main problem with The Rat Patrol was that it was full of stereotypes, and the Germans especially were made to look like morons. Captain Dietrich had to lose every week without somehow looking like a total incompetent. [Years later I noticed Colonel Montoya and Captain Grisham having a similar challenge on Queen of Swords.]

  12. spacepatrolman says:

    @eze417 he became like simon lagree the vaudville villian curses foiled again by the rat patrol with that look of disapointment on his face

  13. spacepatrolman says:

    @eze417 Larry casey did an episode of the return of one step beyond with gene rodenberrys wife

  14. eze417 says:

    I remember an interview with Eric braeden (Hans Gudegast) in which he said that he was very pleased with the first five episodes, but after that the producers turned it into a cartoon and his character into just another bad guy. Still, I liked Captain Dietrich. He was an honorable enemy.

  15. eze417 says:

    I think Lawrence Casey did guest roles after The Rat Patrol ended. I definitely remember seeing him on Barnaby Jones, but it seemed like he was introduced as Larry Casey. I never saw Justin Tarr or Gary Raymond again, although I later saw Raymond in the movie “Jason and the Argonauts” which was made earlier.

    From what I read on Wikipedia a jeep accident while filming The Rat Patrol caused the heart condition which later killed Christopher George. I agree with you that his death was tragic.

  16. charlie3384 says:

    @eze417 I haven’t really watched that program so I don’t know what he sounds like now, all I know is from what I read, but I will have to check it out . It’s to bad that Christopher George died so young he was a good actor. I wonder what ever happen to the other three Lawrence Casey, Justin Tarr, Gary Raymond.

  17. charlie3384 says:

    @eze I really haven’t seen that soap opera, so I don’t know what he sounds like? But I will have to check it out, All I know is from what I read. It’s to bad that Christopher George died so young he was a good actor. I wonder what ever happened to the rest of the guys, Lawrence Casey, Justin Tarr, Gary Raymond?417

  18. charlie3384 says:

    @Philliesrock97 According to the biographical stories on all three, they are still living. I notice that you like all the old sixties war programs like Combat, That is one of my favorites. I remember as a kid watching it every week. They don’t make good shows like that anymore.

  19. Philliesrock97 says:

    @charlie3384 i was just flipping through channels one day and saw hans gudegast on that show so thats how i knew he was on that soap opera. yea good question i wonder too what happened to the other stars after the rat patrol ended

  20. eze417 says:

    @charlie3384 Yes, I did know that. What I can’t figure is why his German accent is so much more thicker on The Young and the Restless than it ever was on The Rat Patrol.

  21. charlie3384 says:

    I have been watching season 1 on Netflix instant watch. They have both seasons available to watch on your computer or TV. Did you know that Hans Gudegast changed his name to Eric Braeden, and is a big star on the soap opera the young and the restless.

  22. Philliesrock97 says:

    @Spsuperstar both seasons are currently available on dvd. i got season 1 at wal-mart and season 2 at Barnes and Noble

  23. HowYouSayOwned says:


  24. Spsuperstar says:

    Awesome! I’ll check out the series.

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