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The Rat Patrol Intro theme

This taking from season 1 episode 2. Love them RAIDs, Enjoy!
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  1. TheBritishEngineer says:

    @BryanSammis Indeed.. The LRPG were first used to drop the SAS off and pick them up after raids but this became difficult. Both the LRPG & Popski’s private army were both heavily involved in fighting deep behind enemy lines however the SAS refined the art of deep penetration strike and intel gathering including “Road Watch” the spying on enemy convoy routes sometimes less than 75mtrs from the road.

  2. BryanSammis says:


    Wasn’t there 2 other units that did the same thing? One unit was called the LRDG, and the other uinit(Forgot its official designation), But it was unofficially know as “Popski’s Private Army”?

  3. TheBritishEngineer says:

    The Phantom Major was in fact the Nickname given to David Sterling founder of the SAS who pioneered the use of the “Willis” Jeep for deep recon and blowing stuff up… ie the SAS destroyed more planes in the desert campaign WW2 than the RAF. SAS Troops are 4 man teams.. The only and I mean only regiment to do so… Remember that when your playing COD. Anyway originally 22 had a mix bag of cut-throats including French & I believe a couple of Turks.

  4. RodneyIsCougerMan says:

    The Rat Patrol was based on the exploits of the British cammando known as “The Phantom Major.” In actuality, the British presence in North Africa was 3 years before the American presence.

  5. rredhawk says:

    Loved this show, featuring jeep-mounted M2 (“Ma Duce”) 50-cal. machine gun in action.

  6. stayjit1 says:

    The Real Life ‘Rat Patrol’ was British. Hate to burst your bubble Yanks.

  7. nimalibandu says:

    Try single women ******

  8. Mulsanne917andkink says:

    @How5by5 I can’t paint all of Hollywood with quite the broad brush you do here, but at the same time, I would generally agree today.
    It’s a place where liberalism has pretty much run amok, which would make a classic Hollywood vet (and true American) like Jimmy Stewart turn over in his grave, I imagine.
    But there are still a couple bright points of light still shining out there. Hard to spot through all the gloom, I grant you. But still shining.

  9. Mulsanne917andkink says:

    @darylnd Well, I think I must have been a slightly younger kid, because I’m sure I thought “The Rat Patrol” was cool in the beginning. But it didn’t take too long to grow up enough to finally see the same, yes.
    As for me, I was pretty fond of Julie Newmar in HER catsuit (as catwoman in the “Batman (’66) TV series)…
    …and I still haven’t “outgrown” that. (Rowrrrrrrr!) :D
    Julie will still be hot 500 years from now.

  10. TheDSil says:

    Man, that theme so is so… so…


  11. CzapigaKielbasa says:

    I wish TV Land would put this show on. But even they are showing a lot of newer garbage now.

  12. miamad says:

    @Zipper696969 I’ve seen a few 60′s British TV series. This is frigging Shakespeare compared to any of that drivel.

  13. CJLinton says:

    @skyfire53 If I had a whiney btch of a kid like you i’d “go missing” in Europe too… silly fanny.

  14. skyfire53 says:

    @darylnd Really…….Guess you should have told my dad that when he fought the Nazis in the Battle of the Bulge and was reported missing in action… really need to read the history books!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. skyfire53 says:

    @darylnd Really? Maybe you could tell my dad that when he was in the battle of the bulge and was reported as missing in action……I think you better go back and read the history books!!!!!

  16. darthverm says:

    Victor Newman! FTW

  17. darylnd says:

    @Zipper696969 Even when I was a kid, the idea of four guys in a couple of jeeps taking on the Afrika Korps struck me as preposterous. But I loved watching those jeeps crest the dune! About the only thing I enjoyed seeing more was Diana Rigg in her leather Emma Peel catsuit…

  18. darylnd says:

    @birdmanofbooze Actually, the Russian winter pretty well broke the Wehrmacht and SS, while the RAF put paid to the Luftwaffe at the Battle of Britain. And the US never was in any danger from the Nazis.

  19. birdmanofbooze says:

    @Zipper696969 shut up you Englisg fag I guess you won the war and saved the US from the nazis?

  20. Zipper696969 says:

    Typical 60′s US series. Takes stories of the BRITISH Desert Patrol Groups turned them into gum chewing Americans with a totally non-period style of dress and language.
    I guess even the lowest of lowbrow UK TV company baulked at trying to feed this nonsense to British viewers (especially those who had served there).

  21. tina6581 says:

    I assume this was some kind of comedy like Dads Army? We never got this TV show in the UK but I could have seen it lots of complaints if it was supposed to be a serious depiction.

  22. Paladin601 says:

    @richintalent Read about the SAS raids in ww2. Most were against aircraft, though. No so bogus.

  23. panzerfile63 says:

    For a WW2 desert series in 1966 this was super crisp clear filmed in great desert locations in Spain and later in California, This show is what popularised the whole WW2 era that came out in the ’60′s worldwide, many movies followed with great interest but soon Vietnam screwed the whole thing up and began decades of decadence. …..Vietnam was definitely the demon of decay.

  24. ftsjr says:

    Aside from the unlikely premise, this was a good “action” show. As a child, I loved it.

  25. delcity1959 says:

    I Frickin Loved to watch this show with my dad great days i really miss them

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