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The Rat Patrol Intro theme

This taking from season 1 episode 2. Adore them RAIDs, Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “The Rat Patrol Intro theme”

  1. Roland7032 says:

    i was brougbht here by pawnstars

  2. Dakers11 says:

    WOW! Gary (“Jason and the Argonauts”) Raymond.

  3. billt460 says:

    All that wasted armament and manpower to take on Rommel. All they needed was 2 jeeps and a couple of air cooled Browning’s!

  4. GuerillaBushcraft says:


  5. ww2production says:

    if you want to watch those episodes go to netflix, im not spaming im just saying you can watch those episodes on there

  6. glimmer2158 says:


  7. hummingfrog says:


  8. acoutts says:

    Not sure where the “Germans” got a M60 Patton tank from, or when the “Rat Patrol” found time to shave and get their nails done …

  9. MysticProphet57 says:

    my mom loved this show.

  10. pizzafrenzyman says:

    Pause at :36 and see that this big bad machine gun spits BB’s.

  11. diddymuck says:

    any reason there’s not a full ep on YT?

  12. TIME42 says:

    I was watching this TV program in childhood.
    I like THE RAT PATROL than COMVAT!

  13. muzapstar says:

    Now I get it…Metal Gear solid… RAT PATROL 01

  14. bloodhoun138 says:

    I heard about this show on another show called “Pawn Stars.”

  15. Atlargein says:

    Send them back, ….to the future!! The Libyan desert today.

  16. ftsjr says:

    Who cares about the historical inaccuracies? It was a fun show. Just put your brain on “cruise control” and enjoy it.

  17. ben6959 says:

    grate old show.i loved this when i was a kid.

  18. rampking1 says:

    This show would be a big hit in Bengazi, Libya right now.
    The Rebels have equipped hundreds pickup trucks with heavy machine guns bolted and welded on to the bed.

  19. vatonorteno says:

    @sprueNglue I think the credits indicate the dunes were in Spain.

  20. vatonorteno says:

    I want an Australian slouch hat with the sun insignia on it just like George’s.

  21. beauwulff says:

    This show was so bogus. There were “Desert Rats” in North Africa, but they were British.

  22. shooterman20kills says:

    Het Sprue it was filmed entirely in Spain

  23. mintyvision says:

    @jahu94 i will never understand what the fuck your talking about. learn english.

  24. jahu94 says:

    enjoy the show because you will never understand it what did they do in the war they don’t know. what did the germans know they knew how to use steel,but wait a minute, we did to ,we seen stars they seen stars ,so many of them.

  25. misshoodectomy says:

    @Nebris : pink gum?

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