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The Price Is Right – Million Dollar Winner

A man wins a M Dollar bonus when he guesses the value of his showcase to within 00 of the actual retail price

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25 Responses to “The Price Is Right – Million Dollar Winner”

  1. CommandantNOVA says:


  2. giannispecioso says:

    @godofwar464 lol you made me laugh a few minutes ;)

  3. ceasefire066 says:

    good example ,,,,money make ppl crazy

  4. ribbedtr0jan says:

    LMFAo @ :54 the dude shit himself!

  5. Ladylolo616 says:

    @Gold13n13gg OMG, he does..

  6. Jex2112 says:

    If you look close, you can see the point when he pooped his pants :p

  7. danielnathana says:

    OMG YOU WON A MILLION DOLLARS CONGRATULATIONS!!! BUT!! don’t forget to get your pets spayed and neutered it’s very important bye bye.

  8. liebnitz123 says:

    that was FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. xscarlet7 says:

    hhahah whata fag

  10. DLxxEpic says:

    @mcflugger lmao

  11. DLxxEpic says:

    @jhiller21 Because I have a he/she dog.

  12. DLxxEpic says:

    @johnnytheC You should watch the newer ones he’s a LOT more into it so much more than Bob was.

  13. tinabeaner004 says:

    @Gold13n13gg that’s EXACTLY what i thought beforre i even saw your comment.

  14. Hunter7023 says:

    @jhiller21 My thoughts exactly.

  15. FGGTZORZ says:

    @jhiller21 you know.. for the gender bender dogs.

  16. ilovethecity7 says:

    in his head he’s like” awh heyll noo”

  17. Flaviofarsa says:

    That reaction face is epic… in my folder nao!!!

  18. johnnytheC says:

    Boy, Bob Barker was SUCH a better host- Drew doesn’t really seem “into” it at all!

  19. jhiller21 says:

    Don’t forget to get your pets spayed AND neutered?

  20. mcflugger says:

    and all that went to was black ops and porn.

  21. supermansam346 says:

    @GoodDay04 herp

  22. WormYourHonor64 says:

    It’s beddy-bye time.

  23. GoodDay04 says:


  24. thepissedkatamari says:

    Well I’ll be scared if there was confetti as well.

  25. bakcompat says:

    @MasterTeddyBear that was hilarious

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