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The Price Is Appropriate – Million Dollar Winner

A man wins a M Dollar bonus when he guesses the value of his showcase to within 00 of the actual retail price

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25 Responses to “The Price Is Appropriate – Million Dollar Winner”

  1. CosbyTheCaterpillar says:

    @Ironman374 why would he only take home about 400,000?

  2. Ironman374 says:

    @CosbyTheCaterpillar Lost?

  3. CosbyTheCaterpillar says:

    @Ironman374 ???

  4. ivenstorm says:

    this was before drew got vampirized. soon as bob bit him, he started dropping weight, and his hair became all matted

  5. litojonny says:

    he got scared by the confetti cannon LOL

  6. DjStiv3 says:

    @PTKhimself i guess for the gurl we can just say the price is wrong BIATCH lol

  7. raketenDK says:

    lol aint that the same font as the gta series?

  8. tripleaztumble says:

    That was before drew lost weight!!:) LOL

  9. giannispecioso says:

    @Ironman374 and he will still have to pay taxes again when he’s gonne spend it :(

  10. FrozenWafflesFTW says:

    His face from :51-:55. Priceless. :)

  11. PTKhimself says:

    At least he reacted with dignity..

  12. celticsfan20ftw says:

    what they didnt show is they made the fat guy at the end do the truffle shuffle

  13. eskabarz90 says:

    You can tell by his reaction he spent that money in 2 years

  14. imthelegendkiller says:

    @laughing31 OMFG YES!! i thought i was the only one :P

  15. TheeSwagDepot says:

    that fuckin asian kid! hahahaha! never laughed so hard

  16. FionaGlitter says:

    you should of seen the look on his face when he ran down the stairs

  17. RDorothy1111 says:

    @niltomega u have a sharp eye

  18. sodapo461 says:

    I’m not going to lie off by 880 dollars? DAMN!

  19. austinc629 says:

    i love his reaction

  20. MikeHunt185 says:

    Paging Dr. Faggot!

  21. vtc31 says:

    The lil jump at 0:53 made me pee, confetti scare xD

  22. Ironman374 says:

    Too bad with left wing taxing he only gets to take home about 400,000. :P

  23. Pr4nkM45t3r says:

    Why is he crying like a bitch, he just one $1 fucking bucks. Id shoot someone! :)


  24. TacoNipples3 says:


  25. nkpersian says:


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