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The Police – Live at The Old Grey Whistle Test (02/10/1978)

The Police Live at The Old Grey Whistle Test (02/10/1978) Can’t Stand Losing You and Next To You, performed live during a taping of The Old Grey Whistle Test. This performance marks the first ever television appearance of The Police in the UK. Video found on
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Police – Live at The Old Grey Whistle Test (02/10/1978)”

  1. jeffrooster says:

    4:10 Drums are getting a beating. lol

  2. DeepSnowBand says:

    @kpl1228 never knew that

  3. jokerjerez says:

    @Snotra better band live. REAL.

  4. jokerjerez says:

    @tomsega EPIC FAIL.
    the Police sounded fucking real.

  5. cacahut says:

    I love Andy… but he cant sing at all the chorus on this song

  6. winterbourne7 says:

    Check all of your Old grey history…this was a 3 piece band…only the Jam come close…this was a new sound created by old combinations. We wait for the next Police, The Cure….The Jam.

  7. faunoram says:

    si, el bataco era una bestia para darle a los parches, pese a que sting era el compositor de casi todo el material y todo eso, el sonido de police no sería único sin la genialidad del batero

  8. OVWC says:

    When the Police were real….

  9. stupotty40 says:

    @tomsega Lol…. I cant help agreeing….sort of raw sound I guess…. but yes, in comparison with ealier stuff by Focus, Captain Beefheart etc does sound a bit rough…

  10. tomsega says:

    Have to say, if you listen to the other groups that come up when you search for The Old Grey Whistle Test, The Police sound like a small pub band.

  11. satchvanjohnson41 says:

    @raelraven2 Sting has just as much right as they do even though he’s not completely punk. The only reason he’s wearing those glasses is because he burned his eyes with hairspray.

  12. ryanosaur2000 says:

    They have some great hits but I never liked that reggae vibe from the music. But, overall I have to give it a thumbs up.

  13. Snotra says:

    Good studio band, but otherwise….whateva!

  14. themadgooner says:

    Thank you, for keeping it.

  15. raelraven2 says:

    This is a great song, but Sting posing as a punk rocker is a joke.

  16. paulwall1981 says:

    @erikinhawaii.Oh I do agree with you on that comment. S Copeland is a drumming master and king. Good call.

  17. normansinjun says:

    I’ve had The Police

  18. claireenjeroen says:

    Grew up with these guys, would be lost without em!

  19. claireenjeroen says:

    Grew up with guys, would be lost without em!

  20. Joeey says:

    I am the face.

  21. MeYouView says:

    i was just a year and a few months old at this time. I really wish i was born earlier. The Police were such a great band (I later bought “synchronicity” in the late 80′s)

  22. erikinhawaii says:

    @3MC4 hey I wake up in the morning and put my pants on just like everyone else; one leg at a time. But what I do need is more cowbell…

  23. 3MC4 says:

    @zacandtaylorrule Why ´haha´? They ARE nice B)

  24. 3MC4 says:

    @erikinhawaii you solved it :D

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