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The Pink Angels (trailer)

Well now here’s 1 you don’t see each day – a gay biker comedy from the Seventies. Come to believe of it, I do not bear in mind any gay biker comedies in the Sixties, Eighties, Nineties, or so far at all but this decade either. That fact alone makes “Pink Angeles” kinda unique, does not it? Full of stupid stereotypes, retarded jokes, poor timing and delivery, and basically not one single iota of authentic “gay-ity”. This would be one for fans of the “Darktown Strutters” school of comedy. Grizzly Adams (Dan Haggarty) co-stars!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Pink Angels (trailer)”

  1. cartaginian says:

    Guys, this movies is on sale on amazon, in a package of 10 b-series movies, for 5 dollars the whole package

  2. Tomahawk1067 says:

    I seen this a few months ago and…Yep…Its…Different…

  3. PHAEDRIDER says:

    i saw this yesterday in a bar, with no sound . wierdest thing i ever saw

  4. Anthonytheory says:

    this looks hilarious. Ron & Fez XM!!

  5. wallofvideo says:

    this is a groovy flick. but i’d like to know what the GLF had to say about it back in ’71.

  6. MrNIO888 says:


  7. MrNIO888 says:


  8. rottylab says:

    pete you looked good back then lmfao

  9. spectravision says:

    just caught this flick, also. certainly entertaining and serves to reaffirm my appreciation for the joy of the b-movie.

  10. flamingphil123 says:

    I saw this last night, and I never got a moment to catch my breath, it is too funny and all too offensive.

  11. turkaderr says:

    they showed this trailer before a movie I went to see tonight and we were dying laughing! It’s pretty offensive unless if you take it in stride and just enjoy it for what it is.

  12. captmarvelswoman says:

    this movie is fanastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. captmarvelswoman says:

    i found jackson! he is the hitchhiker!he is cool!i love it!

  14. 12dave9 says:

    It’s coming to dvd Oct 14 in a set with 5 other cult films from BCI dvds..Cult Classics volume 3,I got to see this too,looks funny.

  15. captmarvelswoman says:

    is jackson bostwick in this film? if so which guy is he?

  16. 8mex7 says:

    I just came home from a bar and im really drunk.. hit me up on my site..{ meetyourfling } DOT com

  17. AntiMercyDude says:

    im not gay but i gotta see dis

  18. adamshawboro says:


  19. LaReinaDelBarrio says:

    It has some great moments in it. Plus Dan Haggerty “Grizzly Adams” in drag!

  20. roomsixproductions says:

    I have GOT to see this.

  21. LaReinaDelBarrio says:

    This video came out on Prism or some other 80′s label on video. I wish they would release the soundtrack, its great. I have a onesheet poster and a set of lobbies for it. There is a shock ending!

    Best line: “Its a Maidenorm and its MINE!!”

  22. myrecordcollection says:

    Unbelievable. I can’t believe that this exists. I want to see it and write a paper about it!

  23. deadenddrivein says:

    …i remember reading someplace on the interwebs that this was basically a (UCLA?) student film, and that it was largely improvised on set. reportedly it’s no great shakes but it’s definitely a rare historical oddity and i’d still like to check it out for myself.

    i just checked, and the old brainsonfilm dot com (RIP) site still has an amusing mini review up. if you’re interested then head over there and click on “latest reviews”. then scan for the title in the alphabetical listing.

  24. deadenddrivein says:

    yeah, i’d like to see it too.

    unfortunately it’s only available right now on a DVD released by JEF films (famous for iffy transfers of rare titles from VHS sources – but hey sometimes you take what you can get). if you hurry, you can find a couple of copies for sale from ebay and amazon marketplace sellers, but don’t expect a great bargain.

  25. LeatherBikerGene says:

    I want this film!!!

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