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The Phil Silvers Show – The con men. pt 1.

When Doberman gets a windfall from an insurance policy, he loses it in a poker game with 3 con men. Will Bilko come to the rescue? Aired: 5/1/1956
Video Rating: five / five

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25 Responses to “The Phil Silvers Show – The con men. pt 1.”

  1. ClydeClifford1971 says:

    @squanto2 You must of been Valedictorian, as you are annoying as all hell.

  2. bichey2002 says:


  3. Rexco33 says:

    Top Cat and Benny!

  4. anddyx says:

    @JacksonPerdue I think you need psychiatric help.

  5. squanto2 says:

    If being annoying is funny, this guy’s a genius.

  6. ThePanOleg says:

    The greatest show I ever seen…

  7. TheConciseStatement says:

    Steve Martin can’t play Bilko because the whole premise of that project is wrong. It’s *The Phil Silvers Show*. Bilko isn’t a character. It’s Phil being Phil in a costume – and it could be any costume in any setting. If Steve Martin wants to play a sergeant in a military send up, fine – but don’t call it Sgt. Bilko, which was essentially a one man show with supporting players. It’d be like Chris Rock doing a stand up gig but AS Eddie Murphy. If it’s not the actual guy, what’s the fucking point?

  8. thefrecklepuny says:

    Ah, The Phil Silvers Show AKA Sgt Bilko. I’m British and this show is WELL before my time. However, in my eyes this is the best sitcom ever written and aired, despite being almost forgotten. It simply ticks all the right boxes.

    And I speak as a fan of Father Ted, Fawlty Towers, Married with Children, Frasier, Drop the Dead Donkey, One foot in the Grave, Bottom and many more!

  9. Duxinflite says:

    @talbrott May have given Billy Joel the idea, too.

  10. kooora18 says:

    He was hilarious as Sergeant Knocker lol

  11. CandaceSilversStudio says:

    Daughter of icon Phil Silvers, Candace Silvers keeps the genius of her father alive through her work with actors, writers and directors. To find out more, visit her website.

  12. CandaceSilversStudio says:

    Daughter of icon Phil Silvers, Candace Silvers keeps the genius of her father alive´╗┐ through her work with actors, writers and directors. To find out more call her studio at 818-781-8345.

  13. Bobofet241 says:

    Now THIS is entertainment not the tripe they have now.This was fun this made you laugh this is timeless entertainment without the filth and profanity that permeates the Entertainment field today.

  14. PAULIEMAC100 says:

    The first season will be released on July 27th, all 34 episodes. Finally!

  15. miced says:

    awesome show. i loved the re-runs. phil silvers is awesome.

  16. LateLostFan says:

    I think that in the early 90s Steve Martin caught the “unfunny” virus, and he hasn’t been the same since. I ain’t even gonna bother watching his Pink Panther remakes!

  17. RELubber says:

    I just wasted 20 minutes watching that piece of crap remake by Steve Martin.

    What an insult it was to this treasure of TV history.

    NO ONE can play Sgt. Bilko other than Mr. Silvers.

  18. talbrott says:

    The scene where the con artists pretend to be from the same hometown was stolen and used in the film “Hudsucker Proxy” by the Coen Bros.

  19. tommygun00001111 says:

    bilko was class

  20. OmarAlvi says:

    thanks for uploading , its was great show. Love to watch the whole series.

  21. SamThompsonX says:

    Man this show brings back great memories, thanks so much for uploading! =D

  22. rubbishycrap says:

    Phil Silvers was a comedy genius!

  23. PrayerWarrior4 says:


    good boy for getting hit by a cab! XD

  24. JacksonPerdue says:

    Steve Martin should have been horsewhipped for doing Bilko. It was heresy,sacrilege,blasphemy as well as a goddamn cryin’ shame. BILKO IS GOD!!! God bless u Phil. I cried when he died.

  25. saspa61 says:

    This show is so funny……..thanx

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