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The Phil Silvers Show – Bilko’s perfect day…part 1.

For once every little thing goes proper for Bilko, could this be his ideal day? Aired: 5/21/1957
Video Rating: five / five

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11 Responses to “The Phil Silvers Show – Bilko’s perfect day…part 1.”

  1. emmajane46 says:

    the greatest show that was ever made is hardly on tv.we have to put with xfactor.

  2. MrGraphis says:

    The Steve Martin remakes were just an embarrassment: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This is just the best…

  3. cdsorvinyl2 says:

    I love Doberman.

  4. amemy1 says:

    I never get tired of this mayhem

  5. ng6faoj says:

    Same here my dad got me into Bilko, hooked ever since classic comedy.

  6. moosey62 says:

    My dad loved this show, too.

  7. decka71 says:

    always brings a smile to my face when i see phil silvers…brings back good times of watching with me dad……

  8. stinkalloy says:

    This is a fantastic episode. Shades of The Twilight Zone! Or It’s A Wonderful Life…

  9. redjam40 says:

    I just wish a modern day version of this could be done again. Once again this was my favourite show from Bilko, and there was a lot of good ones. But this was my favourite

  10. flammasherman says:

    I agree,just simple ,brilliant,timeless comedy,absolutely superb.

  11. redjam40 says:

    Probably the best show or episode that I saw from Bilko – really brilliant plot and just great lines from everyone on this episode. Just great

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