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The Partridge Family – I think I love you (Original version)

The original version of this song. Now with much better quality and sound. :-)

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25 Responses to “The Partridge Family – I think I love you (Original version)”

  1. cricketbat08 says:

    ancient pop song which still sounds good.

  2. lookitsbeauty says:

    @wsbtam I totally agree!

  3. lookitsbeauty says:

    Sadly the man in the gray suit passed away last week.

  4. Ilovebubblegummusic says:

    If you like The Partridge Family, you might like my bubblegum music podcast, Echo Valley. We play the Partridge Family almost every show! Just Google “echo valley podcast”

  5. jhwelchjr says:


  6. mastodonseven says:

    @missdesensitized86 lol

  7. jmacirish says:


    Have fun being out of touch with your generation and being lost in pretty much 90% of your conversations with your peers.

  8. rocmaven says:

    The Cowsills are playing a free concert at The Cannery Casino Las Vegas NV on labor day weekend sunday september 4, 2011

  9. peterossjunior says:

    If you’re a fan of The Partridge Family, you’ll probably like the fun and free weekly podcast, Echo Valley, which celebrates the great bubblegum music from the 1960′s and 1970′s! There’s Partridge Family music almost every week! Give it a try! Just Google “Echo Valley Bubblegum”!

  10. Mystica245 says:

    i was more into mom -OLDER WOMEN

  11. Alikah1 says:

    @BunnysSwedishWinter Only if it’s NOT Roman Polanski!

  12. LetsRideMen says:

    I love when TV characters are giving these “live” performances and the song they are supposedly singing doesn’t end but fades out… I think I love you, I think I love you, I think I…. Clap clap clap. Hilarious. Also love how Susan Dey’s hands are flailing away on that keyboard during a pause in the song when there is no sound…

  13. BunnysSwedishWinter says:

    @ANeonTiger XD XD XD actually much worse lmao

  14. BunnysSwedishWinter says:

    @missdesensitized86 YEAH except David Cassidy is old enough to be their GRANDFATHER !! You really want 13 yr olds drooling over an old man XD XD

  15. gertie1999 says:

    @missdesensitized86 No way I’m hooked on him to! He is 10 times better then Justin Bieber (Who, in my honest opinion is a girl and is just another Donny Osmond) And I do agree our obsessions are 10 times better.

  16. blackandtanful says:


  17. chessygrin says:

    loved the partridge family!!!!

  18. jockamofeena says:

    Anyone who thought this was a better time isn’t gay, or black, or thought that drums shoudl have bottom heads. But as a young kid, I remember hearing this on the radio… I jumped on my banana seat bike and rode pell mell to the station…. thinking I would be able to meet the Partidge Family- HA.

  19. hotathlete2 says:

    I was no older than 8 yrs old when this TV series aired. I thought back then that this family really sang on the track.

  20. robtay1963 says:

    actually David and Shirley always did there own singing and David could play guitar but sometimes just sang to prerecorded music, none of the kids sang or played, well oddly the Brady bunch kids who were not supposed to be a musical group started singing there own theme song in season too and performed a few times. You will note in season one: That;s the way THEY became the brady bunch, but changes in season 2: That’s the way WE became the brady bunch.

  21. sadandwounded says:

    he just finished talking to me, telling me how in love with me he is – just thought you’d like to know

  22. sadandwounded says:

    no, he doesn’t love you – stay away from my husband and stop trying to tear apart a family

  23. GlitterOutlaw says:

    @missdesensitized86 its really no diff there the same type of people, same type of music just in totally diuff area but since its your era you think its better, its only a mind set.

  24. Tonic7Gothly says:


  25. Syzygy60 says:

    Id hide it and never talk about it
    fuck Commies let’s kick ass we’re Capitalists we do everthing better
    Obama can lick my ass if that’s what he wnts

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