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The Outer Limits intro

Intro of sci-fi show “the outer limits” (remake) from seasons 1-3

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25 Responses to “The Outer Limits intro”

  1. xinni247 says:

    -shuts down the video-

  2. blueshogun96 says:

    @passwordtaken6 No clue, sorry =(

  3. passwordtaken6 says:

    @blueshogun96 you know if there’s a picture of that house or if it has a name? Cause I’d like a poster of that.

  4. karatefella says:

    When I was a kid watching this, I really did think that my TV was “taken over” by some nameless corporation !

  5. blueshogun96 says:

    0:24 – Watching that house melt always got to me somehow as a kid and in a way, it still does =S

  6. Tinsby says:

    Thanks for posting the later version of TOL intro featuring Kevin Conway as “The Control Voice.” Unlike the late Vic Perrin, Kevin was given credit for his voice work in the later series.

  7. Pixiez says:

    Everytime I heard this intro I shitted myself a bit.

  8. xlianax08 says:

    This intro used to freak me out

  9. RicanX5 says:

    illuminati intro much???

  10. Migozzi1 says:

    @kelsmart cmon, what we liked back then was lame too :D

  11. fjbutch says:

    It was Dad’s piss up night on Thur nights, and us kids would sit up with Mum and get the crap scared out of us … loved it ..

  12. Yamabushi1986 says:

    This is the good stuff. Sci-fi at it’s best. The new shows like Heroes, V, Fringe etc. can’t even compare to the old school shows – Outer limits, Twilight zone, Star Trek (ToS)…
    I love sci-fi and I take pride in that fact. And Outer limits is my “flagshow” #LOL

  13. massymarques says:

    respect X-Files!

  14. ImLastBoss says:

    @kelsmart I used to watch this all the time as a kid in the late 90′s early 2000′s. I still look for the episodes online.

  15. Latios78 says:

    Like 1995 the 80′s- 90′s tv shows rocked like fx!

  16. slayermilly says:

    @kelsmart yeah all they like is fucking hannah montanah and justin biever!

  17. 77REVOLTFORAFRIKA77 says:


  18. Midnighter234 says:

    @Olanov I think the one your talking about is “The SandKings”

  19. DavidToddSchiesler says:

    Does anyone know the name of the episode were two vampire adopt a kid to eat him then he turns out being a werewolf and eats them

  20. Midnighter234 says:

    This is so creepy. The thing that makes this intro awesome is that for like 5 seconds you actually believe that someone’s taken over your tv, well at least for first timers it does

  21. Innoverse says:

    This and X-Files = Win! True.. 90s was cool.

  22. kamerius says:

    It used to creep the fuck outta me every time i watched it back then.

  23. ApolloMCMLXXVI says:

    I love how all the episodes are available on HULU.

  24. lolochan151 says:

    Awesome!! :D

  25. mrbrockpeters says:

    @kelsmart I whole heartedly agree. Homosexual Pale Vampires = LAME.

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