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THE OUTER LIMITS – Creation Of A Sci-Fi Classic !!

A Special Look At The Creation of One Of TV’s Best Sci-Fi Shows.

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25 Responses to “THE OUTER LIMITS – Creation Of A Sci-Fi Classic !!”

  1. Tauptu says:

    @Eddiesix Hopefully the success of the new Doctor Who will show that these types of shows have an audience.

  2. Blackupskirt says:

    That’s it, that’s the one, yeah a creepy one at that and all that.
    I think I saw it on “the big show”. Do you remember ? It was on channel 12 for an hour and a half. After the first hour there was a half hour break for Walter Cronkite’s news.

  3. 88poppies says:

    @Blackupskirt —- I just found a clip- it’s called Invasion of the Saucer Men.
    And it still creeps me out even though it’s super cheesy and fake!

  4. Blackupskirt says:

    hi, I do remember this movie, but I don’t know what it’s called. What I do remember is there are these aliens looking sorta like octopus with big eyes floating in this farmers field and a cow with horns pokes an alien in the eye and blood runs out. Yeah, that was spooky alright.

  5. Great8Earthquake says:

    Great acting, great story telling, and good special effect for its day! This was a excellent tv show!!! And it didn’t have all the junk (gutter language, sex, excessive violence, etc.) in it like most of todays shows have!

  6. terransage says:

    When I was a kid, I lived and breathed this show. The kids in our neighborhood would play-act the episodes after seeing them. (It was a weird neighborhood, but at least we had good taste.)

  7. electronfun says:

    One of THE best sci-fi series ever. Absolutely top notch.

  8. gardenvarietypenis says:

    naaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, it was better when we had to wait. certain shows lose their specialness when you have unlimited access.

  9. filmvideogamesbooks says:

    people always talk about the twilight zone, but they never talk about the outer limits

  10. towringer says:

    @waverly2468 At 7:24 that is “A Feasability Study”

  11. waverly2468 says:

    What episode is that at 7:24? I didn’t know that Harlan Ellison looks like Ed Byrnnes.

  12. MoonCrashed says:

    Although I love both equally now, as a kid, watching this on old VHS cassettes, I always preferred The Outer limits to Twilight Zone.

  13. Hypsan says:

    One Step Beyond is readily available on DVD. Has been for a couple of years now. Inexpensive too! I own a couple different releases of it. Check out Amazon.

  14. hulaqte says:

    i wished they have the “One Step Beyond” on DVD

  15. Eddiesix says:

    The Outer Limits was thirty years ahead of it’s time…you don’t seen quality stories and scripts like this now… Long live The Outer Limits!!

  16. itallxit2 says:


  17. Misterioso says:

    I was unaware of this, I wish I knew at the time; who would have thought in 1991 that we would be able to own this series through the DVD medium?

  18. djkst35 says:

    TNT actually began airing the original “Outer Limits” in August 1991. The series only aired four or five times per year as part of the Saturday night monster vision marathons. Nine episodes would be shown in nine hours (Saturday, 8pm – Sunday 6am). I know this because it’s how I first discovered the show and would stay up all night recording the episodes. It used to be very painful having to wait months for the next TNT marathon. Now we have DVD players! Thank goodness. ;)

  19. jimwalsh2001 says:

    They got Harlan Ellison…cool!

  20. twixcookie says:

    Good science fiction always had to fight to find its place.
    Most people didn’t like shows like this, which amazed me.
    They would have rather watched Bewitched or other mindless dribble.

  21. shorts818 says:

    Outer Limits is cool. Although it’s funny how they’d include a monster whether it belonged in a story or not.

  22. freestuffffff says:

    Man, this is such self-congratulatory hype. The special effects were always laughable. the acting horribly over-the-top, the stories tedious, the music repetitive and cliche. Overwrought kitsch all in all. Couldn’t hold a candle to the far superior “Twilight Zone,” where many of the same actors were allowed to shine.

  23. chomsky88 says:

    I’ve got the first season on DVD and the creepiness of the series had nothing to do with the monsters(who look horribly fake by today’s standards)–it still gets under your skin with odd camera angles, wide angle lenses, fantastic black and white cinematography, literate scripts and great acting. There are a few duds in the mix, but considering they used to do 36 52 minute episodes a year(less advertising in those days) the output was rather phenomenal.

  24. spacepatrolman says:

    Ellison won his lawsuit he gets his name on the credits and a piece of the terminator for plagarising the soldier outer limits episode [ they should have known better he won a hugo award ] .

  25. Shawnster65 says:

    Networks are all the same-all about money.

    The studio heads thought they’d cash
    in on the B-movie mentality with the monsters (the monster is the bad guy and the Earth will conquer them.)

    In reality, the creatures were intelligent, thinking beings coming to warn us that mankind is, and always will be, the new kid on the block.

    And in doing so, the OL will always be the “thinking man’s” sci-fi show, and the greatest contribution to serious sci-fi.

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