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THE OUTER LIMITS – Creation Of A Sci-Fi Classic !!

A Particular Appear At The Creation of 1 Of TV’s Very best Sci-Fi Shows.

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25 Responses to “THE OUTER LIMITS – Creation Of A Sci-Fi Classic !!”

  1. ed11561 says:

    WHO was´╗┐ the beautiful naked girl in the COMMERCIAL shown getting up from the floor naked?

    It was also an episode.???

    SHE WAS GORGEOUS.In the episode she was coming out of a pod or an egg. of this commercial but she was in others walking towards the screen.


  2. repelghosts says:

    No its just so great to hear from these younger writers as there are so many ideas ,yet untapped…as out tech changes,financial markets,socio-political…etc.etc.

  3. repelghosts says:

    No Terry, I wrote the time travel episode which was filmed in Vancouver,Canada…I am so very pleased that you enjoyed it…but I cannot share the sum I was paid for the submission.
    Check with your local writer`s network guild.
    all best!

  4. insideanswer82 says:

    I taped episodes from this marathon at a friends house in 1990 or 91. used to watch these in re-runs in the 70s on KTTV 11 in SoCal. Hadn’t seen these in about 15yrs when TNT brought these back. Great memories.

  5. spacepatrolman says:

    @Eddiesix in the book cult tv they have a chapter on the outer limits they say it keeps looking better with time that book came out in the 1980s and they explain some of the special effects like the galaxy beings rubber suit that they used the negative film [in this documentary ansara says us and them that became an anti war song by pink floyd on dark side of the moon the biggest album in history

  6. spacepatrolman says:

    @OneEyedJack1970 there was this girl that was working in a health food store when she wasnt there anymore I asked the boss he said she gets all discombobulated if someone says a curse word so she quit she couldnt deal witht the public too well

  7. robharding1957 says:

    @Eddiesix what a timeless classic this is,, even now its years ahead of any other sci fi,in 63 l was 6 but lucky for me l had very liberated parents,,and im so glad i did,,

  8. OneEyedJack1970 says:

    Cosmic discombobulation… that’s what it’s all about.

  9. Great8Earthquake says:

    Outer Limits can now be seen on the ThisTV digital sub-channel during the wee morning hours! I have been watching this wonderful series for more than a year and a half now on ThisTV! There are very few commercials while the show is airing which means, unlike with other channels it aired on in the past, which means nothing is cut out of the show!

  10. JGray85 says:

    they dont make them like this no more

  11. pacific707 says:

    @towringer One of the best episodes, ever! “Drive down the street! Or I’ll touch you!”

  12. pacific707 says:

    Robert Culp performed in 3 different and excellent episodes. He often added his own ideas into each script. Conrad Hall created amazing atmospheres with his cinemetography. Joseph Stefano was way ahead of his time. These shows freaked me out, in a good way when I was a kid. I was terrified of this show but I watched it religiously. I was only 3 years old.

  13. Tauptu says:

    @Eddiesix Hopefully the success of the new Doctor Who will show that these types of shows have an audience.

  14. Blackupskirt says:

    That’s it, that’s the one, yeah a creepy one at that and all that.
    I think I saw it on “the big show”. Do you remember ? It was on channel 12 for an hour and a half. After the first hour there was a half hour break for Walter Cronkite’s news.

  15. 88poppies says:

    @Blackupskirt —- I just found a clip- it’s called Invasion of the Saucer Men.
    And it still creeps me out even though it’s super cheesy and fake!

  16. Blackupskirt says:

    hi, I do remember this movie, but I don’t know what it’s called. What I do remember is there are these aliens looking sorta like octopus with big eyes floating in this farmers field and a cow with horns pokes an alien in the eye and blood runs out. Yeah, that was spooky alright.

  17. Great8Earthquake says:

    Great acting, great story telling, and good special effect for its day! This was a excellent tv show!!! And it didn’t have all the junk (gutter language, sex, excessive violence, etc.) in it like most of todays shows have!

  18. terransage says:

    When I was a kid, I lived and breathed this show. The kids in our neighborhood would play-act the episodes after seeing them. (It was a weird neighborhood, but at least we had good taste.)

  19. electronfun says:

    One of THE best sci-fi series ever. Absolutely top notch.

  20. gardenvarietypenis says:

    naaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, it was better when we had to wait. certain shows lose their specialness when you have unlimited access.

  21. filmvideogamesbooks says:

    people always talk about the twilight zone, but they never talk about the outer limits

  22. towringer says:

    @waverly2468 At 7:24 that is “A Feasability Study”

  23. waverly2468 says:

    What episode is that at 7:24? I didn’t know that Harlan Ellison looks like Ed Byrnnes.

  24. MoonCrashed says:

    Although I love both equally now, as a kid, watching this on old VHS cassettes, I always preferred The Outer limits to Twilight Zone.

  25. Hypsan says:

    One Step Beyond is readily available on DVD. Has been for a couple of years now. Inexpensive too! I own a couple different releases of it. Check out Amazon.

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