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the odd couple intro

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25 Responses to “the odd couple tv series”

  1. TheNutHouse1049 says:

    have loved this show forever and watch it every single night thanks to it being on dvd.

  2. 67tr876 says:

    My freands dad lives at 1049 park avenue he told me his dad loved the show so when there was a coop open he went for it and got it. Just a 2 bed nice place tho

  3. dinkum93 says:

    @marshallblackstarr NO, JUST NO!

  4. 1MissKarlieStarr says:

    THAT’S WHERE THAT TUNE CAME FROM!!! Oh my god, that was stuck in my head for years!!!

  5. JesikaMS says:

    Homer: Lisa, what’s your favorite movie?
    Lisa: Until you taped over it; The Little Mermaid.
    Homer: That’s right, The Odd Couple! So meet your comically mismatched roommate, Bart Simpson! Ba ba ba ba ba bah! Ba ba ba, ba ba bahhh!

  6. JesikaMS says:

    @crazyfooInc same!!!

  7. crazyfooInc says:

    The Simpsons Episode 1016 brought me here! :-D

  8. bra13vo says:

    @chocotacojewboy oh yes.. :D if being a fan of FRIENDS sucks, I definitely am then. hahah

  9. chocotacojewboy says:

    seriously? a crappy show like Friends brought you here? You clearly suck.

  10. Firebrdsuite says:

    rights go to Disney and ABC

  11. SimpleJars says:

    The Cast of FRIENDS were humming this theme. That was why I came here.

  12. Omegablack420 says:

    Man Fuck Friends That Show Sucked! This TV Show Itself Brought me Here. I Never Heard Of Friends until I Was Ten Back In 2000, But I Use To Watched The Odd Couple When i Was Five.

  13. retroman1019 says:

    No Matter which intro is used this show was absolutely groundbreaking but it often overlooked and never given credit. In my opinion though it is one of the best sitcoms of all time. Tony Randal and Jack Klugman were at age 50 when the show began and were pros at acting. i know you hear this a lot but they ad libbed most of the script.

  14. M18BOSS says:

    @pata4 after simpsons xD

  15. marshallblackstarr says:

    They have a show on today that somewhat like this show called two and a half men.

  16. marshallblackstarr says:

    They have a show on today that somewhat like this show called two and a half men

  17. oceanelaporte35 says:

    Haha , FRIENDS ! <3

  18. bombz4327 says:

    My father showed me this show and I love it! Just like how I love taxi also <3

  19. MegaTwilightloverfor says:

    just watched brady bunch. tue sounds alike

  20. MultiSinoda says:

    this show was the shit back in the day. these 2 always had it out but in the end always settled there differences. the story of every college dorm roomate. : )

  21. gabrielvarig says:

    @pata4 (Ross begins humming the “I Dream Of Jeannie” theme) Chandler: No, no. We’re done.

  22. RDBeatnik says:

    Damn catchy tune that I have to whistle all the time cause it’s stuck in my head.

  23. ThaShark316 says:

    1st show I watched 7 years ago when I moved into the house I’m in now…always holds a special place, no doubt.

  24. curtisjones400 says:

    @valentineshoney this was a very funny televsion show Tony Randall did a great job playing felix Unger-No way you could watch this show and keep a straight face

  25. IceyOnly says:

    Bender from Futurama stamps down a chair. ;P haha Good times. Nice to finally see the source material. :)

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