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25 Responses to “THE NEWLYWED GAME”

  1. zuneluvr says:

    I was very sad when Dobby died too. I was like he’s a free elf. Then he got stabbed. : * (

  2. injune5 says:

    @Smush21 WOW, i think i really pissed you off until you had to fuck me up on my channel. But then I guess i deserve that..

  3. injune5 says:

    @Smush21 I think I was drunk when i was commenting on this video last time. I sounded like a jerk..sorry about that.. U sound really pissed.. :)

  4. Smush21 says:

    @injune5 I DON’T KNOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. dervourd says:

    this!!!! was great!!!!

  6. udorawealthy says:

    Im from Ireland. YAY :)

  7. JosephCee says:

    lol that was awesome.

  8. GodSaveTheQueenAndMe says:

    Don’t talk to me about Dobby …
    I’m soooo saaaaaad he dieeeed

  9. injune5 says:

    F***K! this video effing confusing me.. I jus somehow came across this video from unrelated link n I only know Grace n who the **** is Michelle?. She’s isn’t lame/funny like grace but i guess she has some sense of humor. Should I Sub or more info?

  10. jenheartgiraffe says:

    dobbie?? it’s too soon.

  11. Bibble153 says:

    that was fuuuuun!

  12. AmiPersonal says:

    This is so great!

  13. Dork0730 says:


  14. princeword says:

    this is perfect!! We’ve talked about a Youtube gathering in Greece (I don’t know any Greek youtubers but that’s not the point) and then fly back to London for the Summer in the City gathering.


  15. gregpeck1037 says:

    that monkey was a dangerous little bitch

  16. Smush21 says:

    @concord327 I think it’s more that we’ve known each other so long and our tastes have changed so much over the years that we almost have too much information about each other to pin point one answer.

  17. concord327 says:

    i cried when Dobby died! And I knew it was coming, too! This was fun, though. Yall don’t know each other as well as you thought you did. living in separate places does that i guess.

  18. fallenstar104 says:

    Grace didn’t spoil Harry Potter for the ones who actually read the books!

  19. curtis222 says:

    England isn’t technically a country either.

  20. Kpup says:


  21. Murt25 says:

    Come to Ireland Grace!! you can stay on my couch!…

  22. loveangel03 says:

    Well …you both got the shoe question right!

  23. WycheFoSho says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Grace is really similar to a grown up version of Princesstard?

  24. kimimoto05 says:

    just got a myspace bff flashback…

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