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The Newlywed game Thad Luckinbill Amelia Heinle part1

Thad and Amelia and also Georges and Lauri Peterson ( Real housewives of Orange County) and Janet Evans ( Olympic Gold Medalist, swimming) and her husband Billy.
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10 Responses to “The Newlywed game Thad Luckinbill Amelia Heinle part1”

  1. dstebbin says:

    Can somebody upload every 21st century episode of the Newlywed Game? I’d like to see them all, and I don’t have cable.

  2. mentalitymentalist says:

    lol, host is a fail.

  3. respct5 says:

    “So your pregnet” *looks down* “I am”? LOL

  4. MarilynMasonLuvr13 says:

    hehe funny the host talked about vampire fetishes xD that’s what i have, well that and blood bwaahahahhahaa. i like the host, she’s a lot more laid back than the one from the 70′s >.<

  5. HersheyKissLips says:

    I love it when he holds up the card upside down!!!!

  6. l3ne91 says:

    Thad and Amelia are so cute! haha

  7. ThisBiashWillDazzle says:

    “So, your protein shakes make your wife gag?! I’m not even touching that!” Carnie you are hilarious! Plus, Thad’s face made it all the better! Go Thad and Amelia! Love you guys and Y&R! =)

  8. Xar0mir says:

    I know non of those people. :/

  9. modechick101 says:

    they are SOOO CUTE! they are perfect together. i think their chemistry shows a lot more here than on Y&R.

  10. axella says:

    Wow, Thad and Amelia look nervous and shy! How sweet!

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