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The New Adam 12 (1990)

The New Adam-12 / Dragnet (1989-1990 – TV Series) The New Adam-12 and Dragnet series were produced entirely by The Arthur Company Television and Motion Pictures in a partnership with MCA-TV back in the late eighties, early nineties. Theme and underscore were by Bill Fulton with additional underscore by Richard Bowers.
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14 Responses to “The New Adam 12 (1990)”

  1. jewie27 says:

    lol too fake for me 1A-12 from central division responding to a hollywood call and they forgot to go Code 6.

  2. bluegrass1dcr1 says:

    Not bad compaired to some of the cop shows I’ve seen. Wouldn’t mind seeing more.

  3. bluesuit5 says:

    What a crappy carry on of the old Adam-12.The old one was based upon factual cases, ” the names have been changed to protect the innocent.” I’ve been on the job since 1981. I joined the LAPD because of Adam 12. The newer one was too hollywoodish. The policies & procedures exhibited in the old show still r in effect in todays real LAPD. Great show!

  4. BurningRepp says:

    i like the old adam 12 more :(

  5. MiguelFernandesFAN says:

    i love the new adam 12, my favorite is sgt harry santos played by miguel fernandes.

  6. legsbluetrain says:

    I like how they combined both the New Dragnet and New Adam 12 themes.

  7. richardaiken1 says:

    the guy at 00:15 looks just like Sanchez from the original

  8. vikings2win247 says:

    I really liked both the old and new Adam-12. If I had to choose I would pick the old Adam-12 because of the relationship of Reed and Malloy.

  9. paramedic51 says:

    Great show!
    Thanks for posting!

  10. tcb23 says:

    the old adam12 way better the new one just a copy cat

  11. Stonehouse760 says:

    I enjoyed The New Adam 12 better than the originl one. To bad this series didn’t last longer than it did.

  12. an147 says:

    How I loved to watch “The new Adam-12″ before goin´ to bed here in México. I´ve never missed any episode.

  13. rdub520 says:

    Thanks for posting, I watched the whole clip…wow, it took me back! I LOVED that show–I was 12 when it came out and I always thought it was the coolest!

  14. yorkandpomona says:

    all right! yeah!!! thids video is the shiznickle dickle bery figet yummy in yr bummy and tummy hunby selma and hollywood a pouched egg

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