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The Nanny – 5×23 – ‘I Love Lucy’ Scene

The Nanny – 5×23 – The Wedding – ‘I Enjoy Lucy’ Scene (Only aired once)
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25 Responses to “The Nanny – 5×23 – ‘I Love Lucy’ Scene”

  1. KraXoom says:

    @onlyme114 The Nanny over the years has been butchered to death in order to save time for advertisements and Nick at Night is infamaous when it comes to that. If you rent or purchase the DVDs you’ll see it in it’s entirety.

  2. freerayhn says:

    I love Lucy…and I love Fran too!!!

  3. TheClubpenguinrules1 says:

    What episode us this from ? If it is from a episode

  4. MsGothlover says:

    it is amazing that fran could talk to lucy in the episode when she is going to marry when lucy died in 1989

  5. wwedivajewel95 says:

    Lucille Ball and Fran Drescher are two of the greatest comedic women in television history. Being a huge fan of both those shows since childhood, seeing this clip is really amazing. I’ve seen every episode of The Nanny, but I’ve never seen this particular clip. I could tell Fran considered Lucy an inspiration, and took a lot from her in terms of physical and facial comedy. These two are just fabulous.

  6. mistresspat7 says:

    My Two favourite women in there two iconic shows. I love this thank you.

  7. pauliswickedgreen says:

    i love you both

  8. onlyme114 says:

    I have watched reruns of the nanny atleast a dozen times over the years and have never seen this clip. It will always say in the guide that fran talks to lucy but they have never shown that clip in the reruns when it was on lifetime,tvland or nick…anyone know why ?

  9. Etheline says:

    I am glad to read that Fran reminds you Lucille. I knew Fran before Lucy and when I saw IL, I thought that Fran certainly has Lucy as her idol or sth like that. Lucille is th only one and the best, but Fran is damn funny as well :-) Actually I am not able to think of more comediennes – these two and Rosalind Russell.

  10. TheLollabisk says:

    @lostintheseethru Ahaha yes, “A Star is Unborn”.

  11. TRIXIE700 says:

    @defyingGravity87 ur so rite

  12. TRIXIE700 says:

    @BarrettTV wow ppl def. need to watch i love lucy lucille ball was da best

  13. lostintheseethru says:

    There’s this one episode of The Nanny where Fran is in Romeo and Juliet and the way she dies reminds me of how Lucy died in the episode, “Lucy Gets in Pictures”. Fran reminds me so much of Lucille Ball. Maybe that’s why I love both shows.

  14. hbkwwe4life says:

    @SandraBcnCat2 cuts are made so they have room for commercials

  15. travis7310 says:

    OK, I watched ALL the episodes of “The Nanny” on YouTube, from the first to the last, and I don’t remember EVER seeing this clip. Was this episode not included in the syndication package?

  16. Dreamflower6 says:

    Thank you so, so much for posting this!!! I was watching the Wedding episode on here and couldn’t figure out why this scene wasn’t in it!!!

  17. theotherguy245689 says:

    the nannie was just an updated version of the nanny. just think, the whole showbiz accent husaband thing, there always trying to meet celebrities, wait another 10 years and you can do it again

  18. LovinxoxoLife says:

    :) Two of the funniest and most iconic women I know

  19. paulinskikaschinski says:

    @Helsinki666 I know. I don’t get it either.

  20. paulinskikaschinski says:

    @cecillbill But wouldn’t you get the allowance to do something like this first before you decide to do it?!? So that you wouldn’t have to deal with any complaints.

  21. Helsinki666 says:

    @paulinskikaschinski Two most adored shows and they only air this ONCE??? WHAT?

  22. cecillbill says:


    prolly because the owners of Lucille Ball’s estate or the I Love Lucy show complained

  23. MrRieAriza says:

    oh, Lucy! ooommmmmeee!!!!

  24. PrincessDamona says:

    why have i, biggest nanny fan of all time, never SEEN THIS?!?!?! AUGH!!!!!!

  25. laurawilder1234 says:

    OMG! That’s great!

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