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The Muppet Show Theme (Season One)

I think everyone remembers this tune from some point in their lives, but not many people seem to realize that each season of The Muppet Show had a distinct opening. This one is least seen, the original first season opening. It quickly got replaced in reruns with the second season opening and it’s rare to catch it on TV even today. Annotated for the authentic obsessive Muppet Fan flavor.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Muppet Show Theme (Season One)”

  1. Rosewaver says:

    Fail on Gonzo. XP

  2. mcrrocks80 says:


  3. imprintstudios says:

    whomever didnt like this must be related to the balcony dudes!

  4. brancool88 says:

    boy ms. piggy sure did put on weight

  5. RetroVideoFan says:

    To the four smart guys who voted this a thumbs down, I say “phooey”.

  6. gradeadouchebag says:

    they should show reruns of this,cuase my mom loves this show

  7. greenroadster says:

    The Muppets brought me up, Will someone please bring them back for my Son ?? xxx

  8. jtkirkfan2002 says:

    Gonzo’s bit at the end, first with the gong and later with the trumpet, was an homage to the end of the Mickey Mouse Club opening where Donald Duck would try to hit a gong and always end up messing up somehow.

  9. POOPTURTLE says:

    Hey, you know that the first season DVD’s kept this intro?

  10. RetroVideoFan says:

    I finally found a sure way to lose weight. I bought a scale that lies. LOL.

  11. MrsLoveMuffin13 says:

    I love and miss the muppet’s when i was little and they still rock!!

  12. peternoer says:

    @OLDSCHOOLHHSEX Agrees Whole Hearted ly

  13. Paitsch says:

    I like Darren King’s version more.

  14. Airboy15 says:

    is this Jim Henson himself?

  15. mytruepower2 says:

    True. True.


    @mytruepower2 You are correct,the Muppets SPIRIT died with Jim Henson-Much like what happens to Comedians changes them when something tragic happens-Look at poor BILL COSBY…He had 1 of the funniest comedy albums(titled HIMSELF,Had the DENTIST & the LUMBARD STREET VW joke),But years later after he got married & his son was killed,Mr.Cosby lost more than his son

  17. mytruepower2 says:

    I think the problem is that when Henson was alive, the muppets always seemed to exist in their own little world, and the humans seemed more like intruders than they did, because even when they were facing problems, they were upbeat and positive. They never went looking for trouble; they had heart, and that was something no other comedy routine could match. Modern muppet material tries harder to be like everyone else’s comedy, and it shouldn’t.

  18. xzach188x says:

    WHY NOT?

  19. darkstep101 says:

    wow, you really know your muppets !!!! =)

  20. pugay69 says:

    thanks for uploading this! I love the piano tremolo at the beginning, the triangle, and all the modulations. awesome!

  21. KLGRasengan says:

    2 ez

  22. TelephoneRock4ever says:

    Aww, Gonzo missed! *giggling*


    Ever notice that HUGE MONSTER(*SWEETUMS =)P*…!) dont hardly make an appearence in the MUPPET MOVIES-Christmas Carol,Or anything else? He was 1 of my favorites other than that Crazy Sewdish Chef-& those 2 old Farts up in the Balcony =)p ROTF-LMFAO


    Guess Miss Piggy and Gonzo is the same,What I was pointing out was that something had changed after THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER that made the tv show as we knew it for what that Quality was,Is missing-A certain Element that was in the 2 ORINGINAL first and 2nd films is gone from the movies afterwards-As U put it-Miss Piggy may have Matured from there because of todays Politics(and blew it out of the water right there!),Proving NO POLITICS has NO BUISINESS taking that Tradition,& destroy what we loved

  25. Makiotio says:

    @OLDSCHOOLHHSEX What are you talking about? Gonzo doesn’t act the same? Dave Goelz, Gonzo’s performer since the start, says he didn’t really find what Gonzo was about until a Muppet Christmas Carol.

    If you want to argue that Gonzo doesn’t act the same then blame his performer, the person that originated him.

    Miss Piggy has evolved into something more fitting for the age, being selfish/feminine in the 70′s /=/ being selfish feminine in the now.

    There is no Muppet continuity. Only funny.

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