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The Muppet Show Theme (Season One)

I think everyone remembers this tune from some point in their lives, but not many people seem to realize that each season of The Muppet Show had a distinct opening. This one is least seen, the original first season opening. It quickly got replaced in reruns with the second season opening and it’s rare to catch it on TV even today. Annotated for the authentic obsessive Muppet Fan flavor.

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25 Responses to “The Muppet Show Theme (Season One)”

  1. ibitedamnit says:

    @ZakisBack96 Nothing can redeem them now.

  2. rubyredmedia says:

    I haven’t seen this one before

  3. ZakisBack96 says:

    The Muppets need to be in a new show to redeem Disney Channel

  4. 2071Johnny says:

    I’ve been watching seasons 4 and 5 and compared to this opening, I haven’t seen much of Crazy Harry, Sweetums, or the Frackles.

  5. brymomjay says:

    look at 0:13 and you can see frank oz’s head on the lower right corner

  6. thasupremeoverlord says:

    r.i.p. jim henson

  7. puppyluvr10100 says:

    i cant beleve they stoped the show mupets are amazing! i love gonzo

  8. LinaPlancarte says:

    @brymomjay that’s actually the hand of pig

  9. razfilms1 says:

    ok go did it better

  10. brymomjay says:

    you can see a hand under gloat at 0:27 and the rest of their singing part

  11. AnimationEmpire1 says:

    Do they ever air reruns of this show?

  12. MajorJakobs says:

    @fredbomb12 He’s dead, Jim.

  13. Tiza123m says:

    For the first time in a long time-I actually feel realy YOUNG! I have no Idea who`s this Ruth Muzzie person :)

  14. slapsticklvr says:

    To those asking about the Disney Channel logo…

    The Muppet Show did appear on some countries’ version of the Disney Channel, but not on the USA one. That’s where this clip comes from. If i’m not mistaken, severl episodes from DC Australia had been circulated in the tape trade community for awhile since they showed them uncut before they got official dvd releases.

  15. ucm562 says:


    Remade with the band OkGO

  16. cmhsgrad02 says:

    when was it on disney?

  17. ReallyRaspyVoice says:

    I miss the old Disney…

  18. lisegreen says:

    Much MUCH better than the new version!!!

  19. emilykenyonxx says:

    8 people have stage frght and wouldn’t doin anythin like the muppets :)


    the muppets show was on Disney, wow i never knew that into now!!

  21. TheRfactor9 says:

    8 people are trying to hard to be like the old men.

  22. deustscheririshmann says:

    8 people hit the wrong button

  23. jemmytaveras says:

    Now this is more like it! without that depressing “ok go” BS :D

  24. bynum1966 says:

    um… who was the high moron to take them off the air???

  25. MrThedorkknight says:

    @Bloodin28 It is Fozzie…

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