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The Muppet Show – Season One (Special Edition)

The Muppet Show – Season One (Special Edition)

It’s time to raise the curtain on THE MUPPET SHOW! Join Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, the Swedish Chef and more, in the complete first season of this groundbreaking twist on the classic Variety Show. Included are all 24 episodes, completely rest

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Price: $ 24.99

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  1. David Michael Cohen says:

    Review by David Michael Cohen for The Muppet Show – Season One (Special Edition)
    Like most children of the 70′s, I grew up loving The Muppet Show. Sitting down to watch the Muppets was a weekly ritual the whole family enjoyed. Everyone could enjoy their humor and the music. More than that though, the Muppets could be inspiring and touching at times as well. There really is no way to adequately express how wonderful the Muppets can be.

    So why am I only giving this collection 3 star? Because despite the claim on the box of being “restored and remastered,” some of the episodes have been butchered. I saw the Vincent Price episode when it was originally shown, and it closed with Vincent and the Muppet monsters singing “You’ve Got a Friend.” It was, for me, one of the most enjoyable scenes in the series. The sequence was included in the Columbia House “Best of the Muppets” series, but it is excluded from this set. Likewise, the Jim Neighbors episode originally opened with Jim singing, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Re-runs on Nickelodeon included this sequence, but the sequence is missing from this set. I can only guess what is missing from the other episodes in the set.

    Mind you, these omissions do not keep one from enjoying the set, especially children who did not see the series when it originally aired and do not realize that they are missing. And, I must admit, the screwy antics of the Swedish Chef and the weekly face offs between Fozzie Bear and Stadler and Waldorf still make me smile. Still, it is frustrating to read that the episodes have been “restored” when they clearly have not.

  2. DVDisney says:

    Review by DVDisney for The Muppet Show – Season One (Special Edition)
    I love this set but I think I should let everyone know that some of the episodes on this set have been edited. There are 6 songs & 2 news skits that are missing.

    The missing songs are:

    “Stormy Weather” (Joel Grey Episode)

    Sung by Wayne and Wanda

    “Gone With The Wind” (Jim Nabors Episode)

    Sung by Jim Nabors

    “The Danceros” (Jim Nabors Episode)

    Sung by The Danceros; also cut backstage and intro

    “All Of Me” (Paul Williams Episode)

    Sung by Two Monsters; also cut intro

    “Old Fashioned Way” (Charles Aznavour)

    Sung by Charles Aznavour with Mildred; also cut intro

    “You’ve Got A Friend” (Vincent Price Episode)

    Sung by Vincent Price, Uncle Deadly and a chorus of Muppet Monsters; also cut intro

    Also, the original pitch reel is missing it’s final scene w/Kermit. In the final scene missing from this set Kermit is standing infront of a CBS logo. He looks out and says ” What the hell was that ? ”

    The pilot episode on this set is not the original pilot as advertised. There were 2 pilot episodes. The original pilot was called ” The Muppet Valentine Show ” which aired in 1974. The pilot on this DVD set is the second pilot called ” The Muppet Show: Sex And Violence ” which aired a year later in 1975.

    It’s too bad this is not a complete season set but for now, it’ll still do nicely.

  3. Ronald Markworth says:

    Review by Ronald Markworth for The Muppet Show – Season One (Special Edition)
    Finally, the Muppet Show – 1st season is arriving. And this is their program:

    Charles Aznavour

    Song: “I Feel Pretty”

    Song: “Dance the Old-Fashioned Way” – Charles

    Sketch: Gonzo’s rock act (‘Art! (thunk!) Art! (thunk!)’)

    Sketch: Vet’s Hospital

    Sketch: French bread

    Sketch: At the Dance

    Backstage?: Charles & Kermit – use French to get women (Piggy)

    Sketch: panel (Gonzo: ‘art and culture’, Kermit: ‘MA, PhD, RSVP, whatever’)

    Song: “Inchworm” – Charles

    Kaye Ballard

    Song?: Hillbilly band

    Song?: Floyd & the theme song

    Song: “What Would You Say” – Kaye

    Sketch: At the Dance

    Backstage?: Kaye & Kermit talk

    Sketch: Vendaface

    Song: ? – Kaye

    Candice Bergen

    Song: “What Now My Love?” – Piggy

    Song: “Put Another Log on the Fire” – Candice

    Fozzie’s running wire/letter running gag

    Panel: Travel

    Kermit & Candice & photography

    Swedish chef – spicy sauce

    Song: “That Face” – Candice as model

    Vet’s Hostpital

    Song: “You’ve Got to Have Friends”. – Candice et. al.

    Ruth Buzzi

    Song: “Sunny?” – Fast # by Dr. Teeth

    robot host replaces Kermit

    At the Dance

    Song: “Row, Row, Row” – Wayne & Wanda

    Song: “You’re Just Too Good to be True” – Ruth & Sweetums

    Ruth & Kermit talk


    Ruth as an interrogated spy

    Song: “Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd” – jug band

    Phyllis Diller

    Song: “Mississippi Mud”

    Phyllis & Rowlf commiserate (‘it fell on me!’)

    At the dance

    Phyllis & Fozzie chat

    Song: “Hugga-wugga”

    Muppet Labs – exploding clothes

    Vet’s Hospital – sick bread

    Phyllis plays the sax

    Sandy Duncan

    Two bomb jokes

    Song: Sandy does a drunken bar song & dance

    Fozzie’s writer Gags Beasely (and the banana sketch)

    At the Dance

    Sandy cheers up Sweetums (and overdoes it with the next one)

    Song: “Never Smile at a Crocodile”

    Sandy & Fozzie tease Kermit about the banana sketch

    Vet’s Hospital

    Song: “Try to Remember the Kind of September” – Kermit & Sandy

    Bruce Forsyth

    (the only one I don’t have!)

    Song: “Trudge-Trudge/Streaka-Streaka”

    Joel Grey

    Song: “Comedy Tonight”

    At the Dance

    Song: “Cabaret”? – Joel

    Joel & Kermit

    Song: “A Calafica” (sp?)

    Fozzie’s topical jokes

    Song: “Stormy Weather” – Wayne & Wanda

    Song: “Razzle Dazzle” – Joel

    Valerie Harper

    Song: “Broadway Baby” – Valerie

    Swedish chef – Japanese (?) cake

    Statler courts Valerie

    Rowlf poem

    At the Dance

    Song: “Gonna Find Her”

    pinch/punch line

    Wayne & Wanda

    Valerie & the Clodhoppers.

    Florence Henderson

    Bouncing Borcelano Brothers

    Song: “Bright Elusive Butterfly of Love” – Florence

    At the Dance

    Kermit & Florence & Piggy



    Song: “So Happy Together” – Florence & monsters

    Koozbanian Mating Ritual (‘blam! peep! peep! peep!’)

    Lena Horne

    The Ragmops

    Song: “I Got a Name” – Lena

    At the Dance

    Lena & Kermit talk

    Swedish chef: living spaghetti

    Song: “” – Lena & Gonzo

    Song: “Sing a Song” – Lena

    Harvey Korman

    Song: “Atom Bomb” – Dr. Teeth

    Animal interview

    Harvey – animal act

    Panel: Meaning of Life

    At the Dance

    Kermit & Harvey talk

    Vet’s Hospital

    Wayne & Wanda


    Song: “Halfway Down the Stairs” – Robin

    Ethel Merman

    Song: “Jabba” (slinkies & “whee” sound effect)

    Ethel & the Muppets do a medley of her songs

    Fozzie’s agent

    Ethel & Animal (Ethel: ‘Eek!’; Animal: ‘Perfect pitch!’)

    Ethel & Kermit talk

    Richard Bradshaw – shadow puppets

    Fozzie’s act (‘that Gonzo is so dumb – I told him there was water shortage and he suggested we dilute it!’)

    Song: “There’s no Business Like Show Business”.

    Rita Moreno

    Rita – slapstick cafe

    Vet’s Hospital (Fozzie)

    phone running gag

    Swedish chef – flapjacks

    At the Dance

    Marvin Suggs & the Muppetphones

    panel – conversation a dying art?

    Rita & Kermit talk

    Wayne & Wanda


    Song: Rita: “Fever”.


    Song: Scooter & Floyd: “Mr. Bassman”

    Gonzo romances Piggy (?)

    Mummenschanz- notepad faces

    library sketch – Blue Danube

    Mummenschaz – crawlies

    At the Dance

    Kermit “talks” to the Mummenschanz

    Song: Wayne & Wanda: “Paper Moon”


    Mummenschanz – clay faces.

    Jim Nabors

    Song: Dr. Teeth: “Money”

    intro. of Scooter

    Song: Jim: “Gone With the Wind”

    danceros (?)

    At the Dance

    Jim & Kermit


    Song: Jim: “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”.

    Juliet Prowse

    Song: “Ma-na-ma-na”

    Juliet dances

    At the Dance

    Juliet & Kermit talk

    Western sketch (loaded pickles)

    Song: Scooter & Fozzie: “Simon Smith & His Dancing Bear”

    Song: glee club: “Temptation”.

    Vincent Price

    Song: “Under My Skin”

    Vincent – house of horror (‘watch it! I’m the beautiful assistant! Every night at the stroke of midnight the master turns into a screaming, maniacal, demonic, raging, bloodlusting animal! And then I get _mean_!’)

    Wayne & Wanda

    panel – gourmet food (‘you must admit Froggy you look mighty tasty!’)

    At the Dance


    News flash – furniture monsters (priceless!)

    Song: Vincent: “You’ve Got a Friend”.

    Avery Schreiber

    Song: Dr. Teeth: “Tenderly”

    Piggy uses Scooter to make Kermit jealous

    Avery duels Sweetums using insults

    Muppet Labs – gorilla detector

    Avery & Fozzie – the old living painting sketch

    At the Dance

    Wayne & Wanda

    Vet’s Hostpital

    Avery & Fozzie do an act

    Avery & some creatures do a silly song.

    Connie Stevens (+ Bert & Ernie)

    Song: Kermit: “Lydia” (tattooed pig)

    Fozzie & Gonzo’s old teddy bear (‘that bear is the most beat-up thing I’ve ever seen – get rid of it!’)

    Swedish Chef – rubber meatballs

    Song: Connie: “Teenager in Love”

    At the Dance

    Song: Connie & Kermit & Fozzie: “Close to You”

    Zoot & his sax

    Ernie & Bert & Connie.


    Song: “Dance” (fuzzy snakes)

    Phantom of the Muppet Show

    Song: Twiggy holds a press conference & sings “There Are Places I Remember” (with photo history)

    Song: Wayne & Wanda: “Let It Snow”

    skit – the king’s breakfast

    At the Dance


    Song: Twiggy: “Nobody’s Business But My Own” (country scene)

    Peter Ustinov

    An evening at the pops

    Muppet Labs – Peter as a robot diplomat

    At the Dance

    Peter & Fozzie discuss economics (a Benny shaved is a Benny urned)

    Song: “You Do Something to Me (kablam)”

    News flash – cure for the cold

    Song: Wayne & Wanda: “Falling Leaves”

    panel – psychiatry

    Song: “It’s Not Easy Being Green”.

    Ben Vereen

    Song: “Boogie Woogie Music”

    Fozzie & the magic cabinet

    Song: Ben: “Mr. Cellophane”

    At the Dance

    Ben & Kermit

    Vet’s Hospital

    Wayne & Wanda

    Song: Ben: “Imagination”.

    Paul Williams

    Song: “All of Me”

    Song: Paul: “Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song”

    Muppet Labs: all-purpose tenderizer

    Song: Rowlf: “Silence”

    At the Dance

    Scooter & Fozzie do the telephone pole bit

    Paul sings.

    I haven’t seen it so far, but i know them from TV – and they are still great!

  4. Wayne Klein says:

    Review by Wayne Klein for The Muppet Show – Season One (Special Edition)
    Humor in whatever form it takes has a universal appeal. The Muppets had to work hard for their laughs. Not because they weren’t funny but because nobody was really interested in a comedy aimed at adults and children with furry Muppets. When the show premiered in America in 1976, it caught on quickly with its audience delighting both adults and children. What’s fascinating is that the show had a hard time attracting guest stars during its first season. After Rudolf Nureyev appeared all of that changed but during the first season Henson and his staff would have to rely on friends in the entertainment business to be guest stars in this bizarre variety show.

    What’s amazing is how well this show has aged. Despite some references to events that are nearly thirty years old, “The Muppet Show” remakes funny because of its combination of the absurd and everyday. That along with talking Muppets channeling the surreal world of The Marx Brothers allowed “The Muppet Show” to transcend children’s programming and appeal to a universal audience.

    “The Muppet Show” was shot on videotape in the mid-70′s so it’s no surprise that the show looks soft and the colors aren’t as vibrant as they should be but the show looks very good overall. The image quality is fairly consistent throughout.”The Muppet Show” looks, for the most part, pretty good given the age of the source material. The mono sound has been beefed up a bit but, aside from that, it appears au natural.

    No retrospective featurettes or new interviews with people like Frank Oz but we do get one of the pilots made for the series that was never aired. Evidently there were two pilots one of them being “The Muppet’s Valentine Special” and the pilot entitled “Sex and Violence” (since it’s the Muppets you know that it has absolutely nothing to do with pointless sex and violence) is included here. What’s surprising is that Kermit doesn’t host the pilot. He does appear briefly with a prototype for Miss Piggy promising her a job on an “educational program”. Hopefully we’ll get the second pilot with the second season set. We also get a first season promo gag reel and, more importantly, Jim Henson’s original pitch reel. Interestingly, Floyd, Dr. Teeth, Waldorf, Astoria and the chef (and even Bert and Ernie who appeared as “guests” in one episode appear) and other characters are here but the show is hosted by Nigel a nondescript Muppet that doesn’t have half the personality of Kermit. It’s clever, funny by the end. This isn’t an extra exactly but we do get the songs and short sketches that were aired in the BBC but not in America. The BBC aired the show without commercials and, as a result, the BBC episodes run longer than the US versions by about 3 to 4 minutes. So we are truly seeing these uncut for the first time in the U.S. with the original British segments intact.

    Perhaps Disney will include the segments shot for Germany and other countries that appeared only overseas as extras for the next set.

    We get a trivia filled text commentary referred to as “Muppet Morsels” which features all sorts of unusual facts about the Muppets and the various shows. While it can’t possibly replace a true commentary track (I’d love to hear Frank Oz or one of the other writers/producers do a commentary track with behind-the-scenes information), it’s a pretty good compromise. They could do without the question marks that appear on the screen along with the stars and everything else. I could have done without some of the question marks and stars that appear during some of the text commentaries. I would have liked to see a featurette on Jim Henson and other key Muppet operators.

    Disney has done a very good job with the first season of “The Muppet Show”. The show looks surprisingly spry on DVD given the age of the original videotapes. Truly Jim Henson and his collaborators were comedic geniuses and the lasting testament to that is this very funny variety show that captures this classic series in its formative years.

  5. Jerry Edwards says:

    Review by Jerry Edwards for The Muppet Show – Season One (Special Edition)
    The Muppet Show is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I have seen most of the shows throughout the years and still own a large number on video and DVD. However, I do recognize that the individual shows are not always great – depending on my interest in the guest star and the quality of the variety of sketches. Some of the acts make me laugh and laugh and laugh … others just feel like a waste of time.

    The first season of the Muppet Show was in 1976. While most of my favorite shows are from later seasons, there are several shows this season that I look forward to owning on DVD. Plus I look forward to watching the shows in the order they were shown to get a feel for how the show evolved over the years.

    As I understand it, there were two “pilot” shows – The Muppets Valentine Show (which I have seen) and the Muppet Show Sex and Violence (which I don’t recall seeing). It would be great if these pilots were included in this 1st Season set, but I don’t know yet if they will be.

    From various reference sources, I have verified there were 24 shows the first season. They are (in order they were shown, as far as I can determine):

    1. Juliet Prowse

    2. Connie Stevens – this show also has Bert & Ernie. I don’t recall the Sesame Street characters showing up on the Muppet Show. This may be the only show Bert & Ernie was in.

    3. Joel Grey

    4. Ruth Buzzi

    5. Rita Moreno

    6. Jim Nabors

    7. Florence Henderson

    8. Paul Williams

    9. Charles Aznavour (a French singer/entertainer)

    10. Harvey Korman

    11. Lena Horne

    12. Peter Ustinov

    13. Bruce Forsythe

    14. Sandy Duncan

    15. Candice Bergen

    16. Avery Schreiber

    17. Ben Vereen

    18. Phyllis Diller

    19. Vincent Price

    20. Valerie Harper

    21. Twiggy

    22. Ethel Merman

    23. Kaye Ballard

    24. Mummenschanz (Mimes) – in fact my listing for this show has always been “Weird Mimes Act”.

    There are a few shows this season that I just didn’t care for the guest star, but generally a very entertaining season. I much look forward to this collection and future seasons as often as they can be released.

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