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The Muppet Show – Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews guest stars on The Muppet Show and sings “The Lonely Goatherd”. Season 2 (1977-1978)

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25 Responses to “The Muppet Show – Julie Andrews”

  1. pinkmushroom55 says:

    the animals’ f**ken ugly voices ruin the song

  2. SpaceLady79 says:

    Cute!! LOVE JULIE!! ;)

  3. Elenitsa13able says:

    she is so talented i just love her so much!!! <3<3<3

  4. madcinegirl1997 says:

    Julie looks wonderful!

  5. yoaniating says:

    my childhood <3

  6. mimineko828 says:

    @losky1 Middle C? Don’t you mean high C? Cause that would make her sing very very low. And wow I never knew that! :( *cries* Poor Julie Andrews!!! I used to watch Sound of Music over and over again, than I did the same with Princess Diaries . . .

  7. babieeweirdoo says:

    @losky1 I know:/ I was so sad for her. After watching all of her movies I looked up everything about her I wish I could’ve seen her on broadway too~

  8. Domatophobic says:

    She’s coming to my school! I can’t believe it! I can’t wait! I can’t even process this!

  9. mikokat says:

    Oh look, someone who can actually sing…

  10. rowler21 says:

    Animal should def be in this video!!!!!!

  11. losky1 says:

    @babieeweirdoo Julie Andrews had an operation on her vocal chords and she cant sing above middle C on the piano scale. Because she sang so much in her lifetime career, her vocal chords had a growth that prevented her from singing. She had an operation and unfortunately she lost the higher scales in her singing voice. Julie explained this on a recent Oprah Winfrey show when Oprah had the “Sound of Music” cast reunion.

  12. Iranaa says:

    @babieeweirdoo Me too! She is my movie and singing hero =D

  13. mlvc82 says:


  14. MilleniumFoxMagician says:

    What a wonderful woman! Julie Andrews has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. She made a lot of people happy and gave to many childhood memories in “Marry Poppins” and “The Sound of Music”.

  15. nyx0100 says:

    love how she always looks so happy while singing :D

  16. JulieAndrewsLover12 says:

    Julie Andrews+ The Muppets! I’m tickled as pink as Miss Piggy! (:

  17. laislabonita89 says:

    She is lovely! And her voice… amazing. I wish I could hear she singing like that someday…

  18. Orenotter says:

    @babieeweirdoo Now she’s 75 and still looks amazing. She’s doing cartoons, now. I heard she was in Despicable Me. What an actress, eh?

  19. JulieAndrewsLover12 says:

    I <3 Julie Andrews! She is an angel on Earth ! (:

  20. 1msbeanpie says:

    I remember watching this one :)

  21. Terransupremist says:

    Back in the days of Mary Poppins, I totally would… erm… ‘date’ her. Absolutely beautiful woman. Can one say, CLASS?

  22. hut334 says:

    beautiful and this beautiful voice

  23. kidragakas says:

    @babieeweirdoo No drugs, no booze… and doesnt binge-eat

  24. curlytoes79 says:

    Wonder if it was hard for Julie to stay on key with everyone else singing off key? LOL

  25. cd72 says:

    No, Marni Nixon sang for Audrey Hepburn in the movie version of MY FAIR LADY.

    Julie Andrews sang in the Broadway stage of MY FAIR LADY and it’s soundtrack!

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