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The Muppet Show – In the Navy

From episode 524, Roger Moore. A band of viking pigs ransack a village while singing the Village People’s In the Navy. Copyright music and lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Can’t Stop Productions and Scorpio Digital – for original, exclusive performances by The Village People, check-out the official channel at
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25 Responses to “The Muppet Show – In the Navy”

  1. The80sTube says:

    I love the sheeps! :P

  2. alexsautos says:


  3. iAmazingGrace says:

    @TheAngryGazebo gingers

  4. emilyandabigail says:

    this always make laugh :)

  5. meycita100 says:


  6. SaiyuriChan says:

    This is so awesome compared to the shit they show on TV nowadays

  7. IdleDrifter says:

    Everyone run it’s disco performed on live stage show!

  8. hansok says:

    everyone on here should look up a video titled: cover it with gas and set it on fire. It will change the way you look at this video

  9. otharennaur says:

    I Lolled so hard with this. And lolled even harder when I found out that “lolling” is verb LOL

  10. Oldiesmann says:

    @TheAngryGazebo 54 people have no sense of humor

  11. ChikalaandFearless says:

    Did you know that NAVY stands for Never Again Volunteer Yourself?

  12. YTavish141 says:

    OMG! I love this showw…

  13. LauraTrejo8221 says:

    YES the trrick is to go to to grab thiss mp3.

  14. swellgal72 says:

    Go Vikings — where’s Brett?????

  15. PSReldus says:

    @Snaggbash2000 and they got raped by MY ancestors!

  16. PSReldus says:

    @captainknuc But Scandinavia doesn’t have nukes! Where to damn naive to think that anyine would attack, just because where a small country!

  17. PSReldus says:

    @jimraw1 you know… Sweden is ALSO Scandinavia…
    So even if Sweden would be a dominant power, Scandinavian would also (kinda)

  18. captainknuc says:

    @PSReldus naw we can only do that if you are equiped with simalar weapons(aka your own nukes

  19. jimraw1 says:

    @PSReldus Lol. History might have been different if Gustav Adolphus hadnt been killed during the Thirty Years Wars – Sweden might have become the dominant power in Europe for some time.

  20. Citaro301 says:

    54 with no life

  21. bookworm1962 says:

    I loved the Muppet Show – we watched it all the time when we were kids!

  22. PSReldus says:


    But if we would dare to even try to do that now, then USA would probably start using those Atom-bombs…

  23. ethalinia says:

    Jim Henson is a holy man

  24. lola26granola says:

    I love the Swedish Chef

  25. Snaggbash2000 says:

    Our ancestors got raped up the arse xD

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