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The Munsters UNAIRED Episode Part 1

This initial 15-minute, color unaired pilot for the series starts out with Marilyn being escorted home after a night out and her would-be beau being frightened off when he sees Marilyn’s Uncle Herman. Grandpa heads to his lab to concoct a love potion that will entice whomever Marilyn should want–despite her appearance
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25 Responses to “The Munsters UNAIRED Episode Part 1”

  1. EmoCandyPop says:

    I hate it…they don’t look the same and why in color??! Really…what ashame…..when I grew up I used to love running to the T.V after school and watching it with my mother and singing along to the theme song ^_^ I dreamed of becoming just like the mother Lily…<3333 my childhood is ruined…well whats left….

  2. Kapitananime says:

    This is AWESOME!

  3. noodleschocolate12gh says:

    This is very funny

  4. hypnodance says:

    @choirgirl171 Yeah, Eddie’s a real brat in this one. :p

  5. TheInuyashalover101 says:


  6. crissrudd4554 says:

    Pheobe looking like Morticia was the main reason the character was changed to what became Lily and why Yvonne DeCarlo was eventually cast.

  7. mslegacy01 says:

    @gotthkid2—”moral of the story: never judge somone because of how they look because they could turn out to be wonderful people.”

    True. Very true…and I also think it was a nod and acknowledgement of mixed marriages at the time, seeings that Lily is a Vampire married to an *undead* that Grand Pa hated because he wanted her to marry one of their own but she refused. I’m still trying to figure out how they would have created a Werewolf child! Tooo funny–but I get the hilarious sarcasm.

  8. mslegacy01 says:

    @HUTINAK —-”Replace all this escapism with Black People”

    And what exactly is THAT supposed to mean??? This show was beloved by everybody because it was universal and not racistly (my word) inclined. So lay off the stupid bs comments, okay? Geez, just let us fans go back down a happy memory lane without the asinine, dumb remarks, okay? Thnx.

  9. HUTINAK says:

    Replace all this escapism with Black People

  10. CrazyAirbourneFan says:

    Butch Patrick.. now is 58 years old :D

  11. visor109 says:

    Not enough makeup on Herman, he looks more like Fred. You are right, “Happy” was awful!

  12. gotthkid2 says:

    moral of the story: never judge somone because of how they look because they could turn out to be wonderful people

  13. dramphyr says:

    Just glad they changed her name to lilly

  14. RQVOutdoorMoovies says:

    Weird watching this COLOR pilot. No offence, but, I agree Happy Derman’s perrformance really stank. I’m glad they replaced him. I got to interview (briefly) Butch Patrick (SEE: butch patrick at the capri) and it was quite a thrill. Back to THIS clip: In my opinion, the actress playing Lilly is sub par, and Ms. De Carlo was brilliant. Every so often a younger Yvonne De Carlo pops up in an old movie, quite the actress!

  15. htpnk120 says:

    Omg I’m so glad they got sum1 els to play Lily! She looks too much like mortisha

  16. 3dartistguy says:

    is that a kid of a 40 year old midget?

  17. AMRiYcad says:

    I love this show!!!! XD

  18. NewBKeithyG says:

    @MrMikeMarquez defiantly not, always been a fan of the taker but no one would take it seriously the guy doesnt make me laugh so how can he be funny if he has always been a bad ass it just wouldn’t fit

  19. hydrolito says:

    @harveydent73 Think Phoebe might have worked if she was Lily’s daughter seemed to young to be married to Herman. Also making Herman broader was an improvement as he looks skinny here.

  20. Tyrant2PointO says:

    The reason the pilot’s in color unlike the rest is because a color pilot would sell better but afterwards they couldnt afford an extra 10 grand an episode in the budget for color

  21. MrMikeMarquez says:

    I think The Undertaker from WWE would make a good Herman if they make a new “Munsters” series.

  22. Girlsinblack1411 says:

    R.I.P. Fred we all love you very much.

  23. venuspluto67 says:

    Good call on changing the theme.

  24. choirgirl171 says:

    Yeah, I definitely like Lily better. Phoebe’s too similar to Morticia and Yvonne De Carlo brought a bit more to her. I definitely don’t like this version of Eddie either. Too mean. That’s what a pilot’s for though, seeing what doesn’t work. Hurray for them changing stuff!

  25. PeterPiper00 says:

    @knight1768 Is there some reason you have to write “2″ instead of “two”?

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