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The Munsters (Season 2) Opening & Closing Credits

The Munsters (Season 2) Opening & Closing credits.
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25 Responses to “The Munsters (Season 2) Opening & Closing Credits”

  1. bedroombody1 says:

    Thank you for posting the complete opening and closing credits

  2. fcatf6 says:

    This show was SO much better than the Addams family. And the theme music from season 2 rocked compared to the first!

  3. TheMisterantivirus says:

    That’s the opening of TreeHouse of Horror XI

  4. LyannaTargaryen says:

    Lily reminds of Amy Lee :D

  5. cheapcape says:

    The Munsters are dope!

  6. MarkSentMe says:

    @ :08, Herman says,”Eh, feck it!” CLASSIC!

  7. bowlinshaggy says:

    one of the best tv shows made, it sucks that it only lasted 2 seasons. and why The Addams family surpassed the munsters, I will never understand

  8. QBCNetwork says:

    In Dallas, there’s a main street named Mockingbird Lne. But no address for 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

  9. TheSuendenfall says:

    and stylish as well. i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was 6 years young and this was my favourite tv-show!!!!
    cheers to you for this upload!!!!!!
    and it shows…you donĀ“t need millions to create a classic!!!!

  10. BruhTV says:

    Wow this is my favorite “Munsters” intro. Can listen to this all day long. I always wondered where they were all going? Wherever they are going Lily is hoping for rain……………….

  11. jolee10123 says:

    this is so stupid lol
    who ever is reading this is a piece of shit

  12. johnDenverSINGS says:

    hmm , the credits say it was technicolor processing there . was this flim was in color then it went to lets say ?b&w there interesting ? chk out my songs ..

  13. danj1701d says:

    In one of the Simpson’s Halloween specials, they do a take off on the Munster’s 2nd season opening, and it’s very well done. Homer crashes through the door ala Herman, etc. The funniest bit is at the end, when a normally dressed Lisa come through the door as the “Marilyn” character, and she’s holding a textbook that says, “Copyright Law.”

  14. danj1701d says:

    Much better show opening than season 1. I love the cars, and the Munster’s house. Look at the chimney…smoke is always just BOILING out, as if some sinister mischief is being cooked up somewhere inside. Grandpa’s car, which was seldom seen in the show itself, is called “Dragula.” It and the Munster Koach were made by legendary custom car designer George Barris.

  15. thetan63 says:

    And Spot as Himself.

  16. DarthSideous63 says:

    @MaxxUS08 No New York on the Green Party.

  17. donniebrasco24 says:

    i Boned yvonne de carlo!

  18. MaxxUS08 says:

    Didn’t Al Lewis run for governor of CA?

  19. canon21100 says:

    Marilyn >Wednesday

  20. getsomelead says:

    OMFG! Billy the Exterminator totally ripped this off.

  21. YvetteBurns1957 says:

    brilliant dont make em like this anymore xxxx

  22. tomodachi2all says:

    Good ole’ 60s. Period.

  23. robertmastroianni says:

    This was from the last episode

  24. robertmastroianni says:

    This was from the very last episode

  25. visor109 says:

    This has got to be THE coolest theme song for a TV show EVER! (Yes, it even beats “Cheers”)

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