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The Monkees on the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour (part 1)

This clip is of the Monkees performing the “Touch Tone Symphony” on the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour. 2/5/69

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25 Responses to “The Monkees on the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour (part 1)”

  1. meandemjay says:

    they are CRAZY!!! LOL! I lovem!

  2. bcrkris says:

    This is how Mike Nesmith’s mother was inspired to invent white out!

  3. TheBestLoser001 says:

    @juslookin3 >.>

  4. monkeeslover12 says:

    haha i recorded it on my phone and now its my ringtone hehe! everytime my friends call i never answer cause I always want to listen to it and then i start craxking up laughing!

  5. OropherThranduil says:

    well, he means the cool john entwistle kind of bass player.

  6. juslookin3 says:

    Stupid. Perfect for Mickey.

  7. skibbyskibinski says:

    @TheBestLoser001 lol I agree!

  8. TheBestLoser001 says:

    Lol…I totally want this as a ringtone!

  9. DavidTyler1 says:

    @msbfd Hey…. I AM a bass player and I do a lot more than just stand around next to an amp unmoving. I’m wireless and run all over the place not to mention that I have a hard time standing still while I’m playing anyway.

  10. skibbyskibinski says:

    hehe i like this its funny they look like they r having fun!

  11. msbfd says:

    Yep. He looks like he’s playing the “bass player” role – you know, stand there next to your amp unmoving, watching the carnage.

  12. DavidTyler1 says:

    @SLCPunker101 What are you and Skippy talking about??? Mike looks like he’s having a blast putting on a serious character. Look at him exagerating the seriousness of what he’s doing. He knows he’s being funny.

  13. RebeckaSarkozy says:

    They look great in tuxedos! :-)

  14. RebeckaSarkozy says:

    They look great in tuxedos! :-)

  15. RebeckaSarkozy says:

    They look great in tuxedos!!! :-)

  16. amu3261 says:


  17. unicorn1221 says:

    davy is god!
    (clapton is god)

  18. TumblingDice1972 says:

    beep beep guys!! outstanding contribution to pop music goes to……the monkees!!!!!

  19. MezzoSoprano13 says:

    So funny!

  20. tmwnat says:

    Why did Mickey have such a flat face?

  21. ASeasonedWitch says:

    Pretty phoney indeed . . . Goulardifan . . .heh-heh-heh

  22. TDNChick says:

    And you think the other two ARE playing? LOL!

  23. misamisa31 says:

    I agree with you.

  24. misamisa31 says:


  25. Tashiluvschaos says:

    Nice to find someone else who does ^-^

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