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The Monkees – I’m a Believer [official music video]

The Monkees – I’m a Believer 31 december, 1966. Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Monkees – I’m a Believer [official music video]”

  1. holyshitdude91669 says:

    @LittleMonster32886 of course i wouldnt be able to tell by your username! i dont listen to crap

  2. DerManRalf1 says:

    @TheMrBigJeff Neil Diamond did.

  3. batistabomb619wwecar says:

    @PR1MUStv hell no

  4. torresmarvin says:

    The Monkees, é muito bom ouvilos. Me leva aos aurios tempos, onde as comédias eram bem ingenuas e romanticas. bjos para todos os fãs dos The Monkees.

  5. dbes02 says:

    @3gigi31 Ultimate Guitar is usually pretty good – will show chords as well as tabs (eg, the intro to this song)

  6. moneybags1972 says:

    @TheMrBigJeff I thought Neil Diamond did?

  7. LittleMonster32886 says:

    @holyshitdude91669 Obviously, if you can’t tell my my username.

  8. holyshitdude91669 says:

    @LittleMonster32886 woah a dumb cunt? those are some strong words your flingin at me. i appear to have touched a nerve. you must be a gaga fan.

  9. BIGBOSSKEY1 says:

    Thumbs up if Lev send you here. :-)

  10. LittleMonster32886 says:

    @holyshitdude91669 lol crappy? Maybe you shouldnt judge people by what music they listen to, dumb cunt.

  11. bezkontrole says:

    hahahahahahahahahahaahah a

  12. nicolemebe says:

    DAVY JONES IS SOOO CUTE but all my friends think hes ugly:’( btw LOVEEE the song 1 of my faves

  13. DeadlyGrim says:

    Anyone who says that they’re fed up with modern musicians who sold-out and believe this to be “real” music: you’re a moron. You can’t be more sold-out than the Monkees.

    Still, good music, though.

  14. TheMrBigJeff says:

    Woah… did NOT know they wrote this.

  15. elhigh says:

    @PR1MUStv I’m actually here because I was listening to the Archies. PVS is next.

  16. DangoTeff says:

    @765483 haha youre stupid

  17. 3gigi31 says:

    @dbes02 but i cannot find original chords

  18. dbes02 says:

    @3gigi31 The internt is loaded with chords – just search for the song and you’ll get straight into a range of comprehensive music sites..

  19. 765483 says:

    246 people thought he said “I’m a Belieber”.

  20. 3gigi31 says:

    anyone who knows chords for this song?

  21. devikumala says:

    miss this

  22. punkmomlives says:

    didn´t miss a show back in the day…

  23. BrainSpinach says:

    This video remindes me of jukboxes . . . thumbs up if you like Davy Jones!

  24. Disco32er says:

    @holyshitdude91669 Mabye he means “gay” as in “happy”, the original term

  25. lushesslips says:

    i’m a believer!

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