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The Mike Douglas Show with John Lennon, Yoko Ono & Chuck Berry [1972]

For one week in early 1972, national television talk show host Mike Douglas featured John Lennon and Yoko Ono as co-hosts. In addition to performing on the set and showing music videos of their own, Lennon and Ono were interviewed on part of each broadcast by Douglas. The highlights of this part include a short interview and duets between Chuck Berry and Lennon on “Memphis” and “Johnny B. Goode”; although Yoko insensitively puts in some of her avant-garde backing vocals at one point, Berry is gracious enough not to let on if he’s disturbed.

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25 Responses to “The Mike Douglas Show with John Lennon, Yoko Ono & Chuck Berry [1972]”

  1. reg5381 says:

    guess what?yoko even helped great is that?

  2. 2079423644 says:

    LOL…if Chapman took Yoko down instead, he’s be a hero! I was thinking the same thing about Yoko being like a Hoover — that’s the only logical explanation!

  3. Lanny1966 says:

    I bet Yoko wanted to make these types of contributions to The Beatles, and Paul said, “That’s it; I quit!”

  4. Lanny1966 says:

    @Leo9Lover Notice Chuck Berry’s reaction to her stupidity.

  5. shegotyagood says:

    ugh, yoko. guess when certain people refer to themselves as ‘artists’, they become so affected with themselves they actually believe they have talent whilst yelping into a mike. poor chuck, poor, POOR chuck and, poor world.

  6. proutVA says:

    AMerica died when JFK was shot, the XY chromosone died when the forst poster of Lennon was pinned up. The sound engineer on this set tried to revive it but it was too late.

  7. backmasked says:

    you are all out of yr minds; Yoko is the only thing about this that isn’t generic and boring.

  8. richmjr67 says:

    Yoko should sit every video out….just taking up space

  9. Zimnyification says:

    Sometime Yoko when making music, it’s best to sit yourself out.

  10. Zimnyification says:

    When the screeching cat made her zoo noises at 1:15, I literally paused the video, put my elbows on my desk, put my face in my hands and in despair said, “What the fuck are you doing?”

  11. Zimnyification says:

    @Holdenon3 At the end of “Kiss Kiss Kiss” on Double Fantasy.

  12. Zimnyification says:

    @zacman250 I’ve never laughed so hard at a youtube comment in my life. That was fucking hilarious.

  13. Holdenon3 says:

    Hah! No kidding. LMFAO at Yoko screaming into that dead microphone for far too long during “Johnny B. Goode”.

    John looks to be amused, and almost giddy at that. I mean, he never let her do that crap on his own records.

    “You do not do that to @#$% Rock n Roll, Yoko!!!”

  14. GBev2K says:

    Yeah, Yoko was pretty disturbing there, but at least George didn’t come out with a sitar half-way through…..

  15. Beatlescanner says:

    I also want to make sounds like yoko.^^

  16. Beatlejoose56 says:

    I tell you that Jerry Rubin is a real talent!

  17. SpArTaNz57 says:

    1:12-1:20 Fuck you yoko you talentless slut money lover you dont deserve any of that an you ruined on of the most historical moments in music history u attention loving hore!

  18. diapertommy says:


  19. AvenueNGuitars says:

    yoko-  hilariously lame

  20. zappahart says:

    yoko always was a cakling bitch…take that jan wenner…he always gave her records a great revue!!!!!

  21. fizgig80304 says:

    Y’all some haters, f’real… Poor Yoko, that chick has been on a bum trip for like 26 years now…

  22. CountStoczkowski says:

    Jesus Christ, Bill Burr was right! Why did they even give that no talent ass clown a mic in the first place? Everyone should have known by then that she’s liable to pull some crazy shit like that. The world will never understand what John saw in her. I know I never will. Bitch ruins a classic!

  23. zacman250 says:

    If I was john I would have left her ass right there, seriously it would have been like “Stop! Stop! Hold on chuck. What the fuck was that Yoko?” Crack didn’t come out till the 80′s so… WTF? One more thing, I bet Mark Chapman would have gotten a reduced sentence if he would have shot yoko instead. Oh my gosh, one more, that chick must have had a mouth like a hoover for john to put up with that crap. EEEEEEEEOOOWW, Pbbt! Pbbt! Ahh…

  24. ballabogan says:

    Fuck you Yoko Ono


    at 1:15 i was just asking John ‘So uhh John is that what you call total communication?’ XD, then i said ‘No offence and all but that is pretty damn horrible’ lol.

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