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The Massive Valley

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25 Responses to “The Massive Valley”

  1. Lisica2008 says:

    I like the violins playing the melody in the first verse of this version, when the title and Richard Long are shown–it sounds rich. But then the melody is played by horns in subsequent verses and I don’t like it quite as well.

  2. ewd76 says:


    The arrangement is better in this one, but I don’t care about the smiles.

  3. charlotteguy7 says:

    This show was the Dynasty of the Westerns. (I mean that in a good way).

  4. GlobalDating says:

    why are some of you saying that theme 1 is better? I think theme 2 is much better. you can see the characters’ wholesome smiles, which characters today don’t have…

  5. jeepgayguy says:

    this was the one show that me and my sister had to watch every sunday morning after church. loved it then and still to this day. barbara stanwyck was THE star of this show and it showed. what a presence!

  6. zarkbot88 says:

    Many manly tears a-flowing while hearing this theme

  7. lukebccb says:

    Interesting. The setting for the show is supposed to be California’s Central Valley on the western side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and in the opening credits they show the high desert of the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

  8. WilsonBen11 says:


  9. hanoc101 says:

    @WilsonBen11 Your comments are ignorant and abusive. Abusive and or threatening language is grounds for suspension from YouTube. I will have you suspended if you don’t stop contacting me with this type of behavior. All of your accounts where you essentially say the same thing. It’s funny how brave people are when they have the distance the Internet affords them to be out of arms length of people they choose to insult.

  10. WilsonBen11 says:

    @hanoc101 You got it backwards; your lack of understanding about my original comment was out of line. If you can’t take it, stop dishing it out, freak. You’re simply a freak. If you hate me so much, why respond to my comment? You must be one lonely soul. …go have a nightcap with your mother.

  11. hanoc101 says:

    @WilsonBen11 That insult was totally out of line implying what you did about my family. You are a part of a creepy set of people who make watching these enjoyable videos not as pleasant because you have something weird, or racist or creepy to say on every post. Why don’t you just stop watching vids if they remind you of your loveless family. Please don’t contact me anymore under any of the numerous accounts you have on Youtube.

  12. WilsonBen11 says:

    @hanoc101 I guess my comment is odd if you kiss your adult sisters and mother in the mouth, grab at their waist and they grab at your chest and you hold hands while walking to the kitchen table on a daily basis. Seems kinda of freaky to me. That was part of the Big Valley…that’s what I was watching, how about you? Didn’t notice? Maybe that kinda of touching is natural in your family.

  13. hanoc101 says:

    @WilsonBen11 What an odd thing to say. I wonder what show you were watching.

  14. WilsonBen11 says:

    I loved this show too. One of the best on TV with one exception. I thought the characters were too overly physically effectionate with one another…just too touchy touchy for a family…kinda creepy to me…almost on the verge of looking incestuous.

  15. ftsjr says:

    The Big Valley was on past my bedtime, but I remember laying in bed, listening to the opening theme while my parents watched it.

  16. dittietwin says:

    @GlobalDating I may have to agree with you, and the reason is because when they reproduce these classic series and movies, they try to gear towards the younger crowd; but they forget about those of us who grew up with these classics. For example, I thought the remake of True Grit should have kept Glen Campbell’s theme song. I mean, why not?? The lyrics were perfect; and even if they didn’t use the same GC version, they could have played the tune in the background a bit. Hawaii 5-0 kept theirs

  17. GlobalDating says:

    @dittietwin the remake will probably suck, as they always do. they never have the magic or charisma of the original.

  18. GlobalDating says:

    wow their smiles and expression looked so wholesome and natural, unlike people today. the past was much more natural.

  19. raymondclark32 says:

    on oprah,i understand linda evans hated to be old and looked back of her heydays on the big see how fast john derek went with this former knockout blonde in 1968 and fast split up with her while she getting old in 1974.why she left hollywood for washington state to retired from tv.i’m sorry linda,i hate getting old and i’m 45.once we aged we are unwanted,

  20. itschelseabxtch95 says:

    This was the Big Valley theme music towards the end of the series and it was the best one. My error: Mr. George Duning did the original theme was excellent, and the second theme music was Mr. Elmer Berstein who did alot of movie themes, including music for “A Rage in Harlem”…….Four stars**** for each one!

  21. hanoc101 says:

    @delbard1 I think I heard Glenn Close would be playing Victoria (Barbara Stanwyck) in the movie that is planned.

  22. notredamehesamighty says:

    Great show, but wasn’t “Miss Barbara Stanwyck” getting kidnapped like, in every other episode?

  23. prettycountrygirl2 says:

    I used to love to watch The Big Valley. Wish that it was back on the air in my locale.

  24. xmfcnrx says:

    Makes me want to tame the wild West.

  25. ewd76 says:

    I wish I owned huge ranch like this one and I wouldn’t put any McMansions or Wal-Marts on it.

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