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The Mask of Zorro (Part 1)

One of my favourite movies.Starring Anthony Hopkins,Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Mask of Zorro (Part 1)”

  1. oxamanda93xo says:

    what is the name of this song
    want to dance flamingo

    get back to the mission u little beaners

  2. jzd4rma says:

    @grantorndorff zorro was created by an american

  3. sailor1566 says:

    @motownazn i didnt know that batman was based on zorro O.o, although in hind site it makes alot of sense. the movie fact is kinda cool to know too

  4. jzd4rma says:

    we need someone like zorro in the uk lol!

  5. titanicpiano14 says:

    Check out my rendition of Zorro, on strings!

  6. fdesa12 says:

    @laterzz100 Trust me, it’s easy to see from the victims’ p.o.v. on my part.

    In any case, I have to ask: your comment about Banderas.. was that sarcasm? It’s a little bit difficult to tell by text.

  7. fdesa12 says:

    @laterzz100 uhh no. Based on your comment, it’s clear you misunderstood my point. From your previous comment, I’m interpreting that you’re saying Antonio is bad because Spaniards profict from the poor and helpless. And because Antonio is a Spaniard, he must be bad.

    It wouldn’t be fair to anyone to be individually judged by stereotypes. I.E. I could think of the negatives of your community, and then say oh, but you’re part of that community too, therefore you must be bad. Fair? Not to me.

  8. laterzz100 says:

    @fdesa12 what do you mean…” as an individual” it is ok to profict from poor and helpless people as long as you are charming and good looking actor…sometimes it helps to see from the victims point of view…what i am saying it is ironic after so many years indigenous people of the land….are not free (mentaly and physically).

  9. fdesa12 says:

    @laterzz100 Well, this is where we may see antonio banderas as an individual and not representative of everyone of the same ethnicity as him.

  10. Shiek927 says:

    The way this movie flawlessly mixes up action, romance, comedy…Pirates of the Caribbean definitely was inspired

  11. mjkded says:

    @motownazn thats sick. thanks man you learn something new every day.

  12. laterzz100 says:

    still mexicans are slaves…..still spaniars and americans making money of poor mexican people…..yup we need an antonio banderas….hold on…don’t his people rob mexico in the firt place….

  13. blackandmild77 says:

    Ducan Regehr played the best Zorro I think

  14. HazerWITHTHElazeR says:


    I see your point. Honestly I don’t have a problem with Antonio being Zorro, I just have a problem with the director and writers mixing up the original story of Zorro. They should have just made Antonio Diego and set him out to fight against the Commondant of Spanish California.

  15. lacheesenamedlear says:

    @HazerWITHTHElazeR Yes. Which is very similar to Spanish, I’ll admit. (:
    I totally know what you mean about Anthony Hopkins not having that hard accent. It’s sad! D: But he holds himself like a true, graceful Zorro. His charisma is just amazing.

    But for Alejandro I personally think Antonio Banderas is perfect. But then, I might be biased since I live in Andalucia, and Banderas is Andaluz. (:

  16. HazerWITHTHElazeR says:


    Yeah Guy Williams is Italian

  17. lacheesenamedlear says:

    @HazerWITHTHElazeR kind of ironic, as Antonio Banderas is a true Spaniard, and Guy Williams was American. xD

  18. TMNTG says:

    At 6:58 How Could Montero Even Think About Playing Jingle Bells When His Men Are Getting Their Asses Handed To Them By One Man?

  19. HazerWITHTHElazeR says:


    You’ve got a few things wrong though. Spain and Italy colonized all of South America and most of North America. And California in the 1800′s was Spanish California and was ruled by Spain. I’ve read some of the books and watched the original movies and the telvision series and Zorro has never been Mexican. Zorro was Diego De La Vega who was in Spain and came to Spanish California to help his father, Alejandro De La Vega who was a Don himself. And Bernardo was with him, he was deaf.

  20. Space9Man says:

    @HazerWITHTHElazeR You mean Mexico and France.Southwest was Mexico and the Lousianna purchase was France.As for Zorro everyone he was as you can see by this scene a Spaniard turned Mexican after Mexico won it’s Independence from Spain. Zorro=Mexican Vigilante Hero.Batman is yes The American Version of Zorro.Remember at this time in history California was a Mexican State not part of America yet.It was until later that America practically Stole that land from it’s rightful owner.Cheers :D

  21. HazerWITHTHElazeR says:

    Kind of sad that they didn’t portray Zorro as the original. Where’s his mustache and hard Spanish accent? Good movie but in my opinion Guy Williams was the better Zorro.

  22. HazerWITHTHElazeR says:


    Technically, all of the U.S should be Spain and Italy’s territory.

  23. Cam4Jess says:

    I love all of the lead characters’ voices in this movie. I could listen to them read the phone book :-D

  24. Galutron says:

    Why don’t they make a third movie called the Return of Zorro?

  25. ahryko says:

    Thanks for posting! Now I know who I’m gonna be for Halloween :)

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