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The Mask of Zorro

This is 1 of my favorite scenes from the movie…The “Duel” between Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Take pleasure in!

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25 Responses to “The Mask of Zorro”

  1. 1994cordobes says:

    Catherine looks like a Spanish woman

  2. jc290092 says:


  3. joe12544 says:

    dont play with you wife now.

  4. Frams2 says:

    this couple gives me goosebumps! no other couple could be better!

  5. jovanai says:

    best couple ever!

  6. Gracie0935 says:

    “He was vigorous, Father, … very vigorous.”

  7. YokeshPhoenix says:

    nice movie…

  8. TheJellymonty says:

    Catherine Zeta Jones is so beautiful. 29 people are so jealous of her beauty.

  9. sarizonana says:

    this is one of favorite scenes to but im not shure it was the best
    i love their dance scene(where she is wearing the red dress)
    i also like the confession scene
    the ending was so nice.

  10. KaterinaJade says:

    In an interview, Banderas and Zeta-Jones both admitted that they became aroused during the “stripping” scene. He by her beauty, she by his character’s… creativity…

    You can definitely tell.

  11. arifmohd73 says:

    Zorro is best

  12. lullabay13 says:

    arrrrrr. :D

  13. umar6419 says:

    he is clever foxxxxxxxxx

  14. prettypreety5 says:

    theyre soo hotttt

  15. jak00000 says:

    that’s how real men say “Hello” =))

  16. WoohDolly350 says:


  17. jbelljoy says:

    Antonio Banderas is so HOT

  18. TheArtGuy95 says:

    MmmMmMMM… Finger Licking! Love it too!!!

  19. TheArtGuy95 says:

    MmmmMm…..finger licking! Love it!

  20. winston678 says:

    zeta jones unfortunately never smiled

  21. Amontanea says:

    Ha! Guys are so into this they can’t even write there comment luv that kiss

  22. gothless says:

    Latino romance yeah….

  23. CHLOTHARIUS says:

    if i was the zorro i would have punched that bitch in the face and then anal raped her.

  24. TheNio97 says:

    just love this scens!!!!!!!

  25. kattysims1989 says:

    lol my favourite scence of all if it was me i would have went for the mask not his cape if only all relationships started this way

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