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The Making Of Thunderbirds

Step into the twisted mind of Gerry Anderson, and see how he makes Thunderbirds, as well as Stingray and his other supermariontastic shows. FAB!!! Need a hand with something? He’s got boxes full…

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25 Responses to “The Making Of Thunderbirds”

  1. Thunderdragon says:

    Why is this stuff so great? Great Storytelling! Every episode were given great care and detail, and like the the bugs bunny cartoons of the 1940′s they were directed towards an adult audience, As opposed to today, were anything that remotely looks like this has to be “kids stuff” (no respect, no care for the work) and also half the episode has to be dedicated to selling the mandatory toys.
    Don’t poo-poo it because it so old only grandpa saw it!
    Nobody bad mouths Rembrandt and his older!

  2. pumapride2691 says:

    @thebackgroundartiste if u actually bothered to search google first you would have found the wikipedia page about him which states he is alive and well

  3. 0800Repair says:

    This is great; we have a new 3D Thunderbirds themed CGI TV commercial which is due to air in the north of the UK later in the year. There is no substitute for the real puppets though and the amount of manual work that went into these shows is awesome.

  4. windogmassey1 says:

    “its the year 2000″ We wish lol

  5. nightskull23 says:

    America FUCK YEAH

  6. masterstarfox says:

    the long stick judith shutt(i think it is)uses at 1:44 to 1:57 was called “the prodder”.it had an early name “murrayprodder”and was used in the early days of A.P.films/century 21 productions namely to poke early puppteer murray clark when he was asleep on the walkway above the set.

  7. elreydelvideoantoni says:

    es estupendo el trabajo de estos camaradas que realizaron una exelente serie espero verla nuevamente aca en mexico felicidades att. eduardo jp

  8. cosycleaner says:

    “and don’t forget, it’s all done with models!”…yes, we knew actually. i enjoyed spotting my model cars on the sets and the bits of kits used for research stations etc, which we just knew werew going to be blown up…great stuff!

  9. muppetspuppets says:

    the future – year 2000 lol. This is amazing puppetry though!

  10. ChaCha157 says:

    I loved the thunderbirds they were so ahead of their time…

  11. 08albert94 says:

    This makes me cringe, i’m scared of puppets, there just awfull lmao haha

  12. thebackgroundartiste says:

    @jonoplaysdrums Guess what ! I was mistaken. Gerry Anderson is in his eighties but is still with us. He and Sylvia divorced in 1975 and she is still alive as well. He was approached in 1996 about making a live-action Thunderbirds feature film but when they finally got around to it in 2004 they had the gall to not want him to have anything to do with it.Then they wanted to pay him to endorse it but he said no. Considering what a flop it was, he was probably glad he wasn’t involved. FAB !

  13. jonoplaysdrums says:

    @thebackgroundartiste bummer that he died, the show was as good as spongebob

  14. thebackgroundartiste says:

    @jonoplaysdrums I think he died. Otherwise, I cannot understand how they managed the rights to make the recent movie. With humans ! What a travesty. I am an adult who loved it as a child and only found it again on cable a ew years ago and still loved it.Scott was my first crush but now that I’m older I prefer Virgil. Scott seems so angry ! I see that they have the movie here but I’m only going to watch iy out of curiosity. I expect to hate it.

  15. FCOHERTZ says:


  16. portantwas says:

    ‘Technicians’ – that is the key word. The many careful and loving hours spent to get one shot. ‘Painstaking artistry’ is a dying art.

  17. jonoplaysdrums says:

    I dont reckon Thunderbirds is for adults who watched it when they were a kid, im 12 and I started watching thunderbirds when I was 2 and its always been my favourite series and than they ruined Gerry masterpiece with Jonathan Frakes film.Come on gerry!!!!!!!!!!!! please make movie !!!!!!!!!!!!! we need you!!!!!!!!

  18. Geritopia says:

    The production logo drummer at the end is the real payoff here.

  19. nikedorchain says:

    @nvstewart I never really liked Terrahawks, but I am a big fan of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and the New Captain Scarlet. And with Thunderbirds I think those 3 are Gerry Andersons best. But then again, that’s different for everyone ey ;)

  20. nvstewart says:

    @nikedorchain However, i am a fan of “Terrahawks” made by the same person, loved watching this in the morning. I have the boxset. Shame they only made 1 series

  21. nvstewart says:

    @nikedorchain I do not know sorry :( It was a very long time ago, 15 years or more. I am not a huge fan, but i used to watch it from time to time. BTW, i am talking about the scene where the aircraft had undercarriage malfunction and had to land on the 3 vehicles.

  22. nikedorchain says:

    @nvstewart Wich episode then? I’ve watched al 32 episodes 25.000 times and it is very rare when John and Virgil are in the same frame. So if you could tell me? :) Becouse then there is something I missed…

  23. nvstewart says:

    @nikedorchain Its not a test, i remember seeing this episode when i was younger

  24. nikedorchain says:

    none, it was probably a test of some sort or a ‘demo’ made for this tv program (wich was included on the DVD series)

  25. themermaidsecret says:

    2:20 what episode was this?

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