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The Making of Thunderbirds

Step into the twisted mind of Gerry Anderson, and see how he makes Thunderbirds, as well as Stingray and his other supermariontastic shows. FAB!!! Need a hand with something? He’s got boxes full…

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25 Responses to “The Making of Thunderbirds”

  1. 650bigal says:

    @jewel1260 I agree totally. And cowboys, what happened to cowboys? There must have been a dozen westerns on TV in the 60′s. Now it’s all CSI and “reality” shows. As you say, even when they do a remake they screw around with the essential elements of the original and lose the magic.

  2. jewel1260 says:

    @650bigal LOL! As if CGI could ever take the place of models and puppets. Why do people think they have to remake classic TV shows and movies? All they do is mutilate it in the process. Can’t anybody come up with an original idea? I’m so glad I grew up in the generation of fantastic cartoons like the Thunderbirds, Bugs Bunny, the Flintstones, Tom & Jerry and so forth. No remakes could ever replace them!

  3. 650bigal says:

    @jewel1260 Yeah, I loved those shows too. I’m an Aussie and Thunderbirds went on to become a staple of early Saturday morning kid’s TV here. My comment about Gerry Anderson was something that I read. He tried (and ultimately failed) to sell the show in America. Only afterwards did it get taken up in syndication. Pity really, imagine how good it would have been with a bigger budget. They’re making a new series, but with CGI not models and puppets. I have a bad feeling about that.

  4. jewel1260 says:

    @650bigal Gerry Anderson underestimated this American kid. I not only watched the Thunderbirds but was a huge fan of other British icons like the Avengers, Secret Agent Man, the Champions, the Saint, and so forth. English accent only enhanced it for me. I always loved it.

  5. 650bigal says:

    @Doominator99 This was made with the intention of selling to the USA as well as England. Gerry Anderson was smart enough to realise that American kids wouldn’t watch a show if the heroes had British accents. Whereas the British kids would easily accept American accents, they had grown up watching American cop shows and westerns.

  6. barrywilliamsmb says:

    Oh, are there any seats left?

  7. GavSalkeld says:

    Such skill involved… models and puppets are awesome.

  8. CyclonicTuna023 says:

    Lol, an atomic airliner from the year 2000 XD

  9. neukertification says:

    @Doominator99 No they were’s like saying the Beatles were American..

  10. sam199681 says:

    I was born in the late 90s and this is one of my favourite TV shows. I still watch it on DVD to this day!

  11. danuoscar says:

    Me hizo mucha ilusion volver a ver un trocito de esta serie que recuerdo con mucho cariƱo en mi infancia.Naci en 1961 asi que creci con estos estupendos programas infantiles.Ahora el hombre podia tener esa misma imaginacion para crear cosas asi.MUCHAS GRACIAS a quien envio los videos.SALUDOS

  12. wildone106 says:

    ‘its the year 2000′ lmao

  13. SerenissimaRepublica says:

    @Doominator99 Though London, and British technology is the centre of the world.

    Also, Lady Penelope and Parker. And Captain Scarlet had a hell of a lot more Britons in it.

  14. TheNw1218 says:

    0:46, what episode of stingray was that from?

  15. Doominator99 says:

    Its strange that this was made by Britain yet the main characters are always american :(

  16. heidi4147 says:

    @Watcher3223 I am also still lokking for the compleet collection off Star Trek: the orrigenal series. But I am already happy that I do have the complete serie of Thunderbirds on dvd at my home.

  17. Watcher3223 says:


    With lots of great TV shows being released on DVD and Blu-Ray, there’s almost no reason to watch broadcast television anymore.

    If I were to get “Thunderbirds,” “Captain Scarlett,” “Star Trek: The Original Series,” “The A-Team,” “Knight Rider” and a few other series on disc, I’d be happy to cancel my cable.

  18. nylonTS says:

    Its year 2000 no globla warming then ???

    It dosent mention world debt

    and of course health and safety

    The good old days

  19. LordSnook says:

    ST MICHAEL COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!

  20. lajmh says:

    I remember watching Stingray as a kid…barely because the station was really out of my broadcast area and was very snowy.
    The details are amazing.
    What’s more Thunderbirds takes place in 2062…as I will be 100 years old I’ll let you know what really happens. Alan is my favorite…too bad he’s not human. In fact if the puppets were “human” they’d be toddlers in real time.

  21. ljungqvisten93 says:

    @gazfunk Goto hell

  22. JG40061 says:

    Good Stuff

  23. PeterMayer says:

    loved thunderbirds, stingray, fireball xl5…I was too young for supercar

  24. heidi4147 says:

    I do have this complete serie on DVD at home. I watch the serie very often. this serie is tham good

  25. EyEnOtgAy says:

    derka derka, muhammed jihad

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