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The Lost Saucer Opening Sid And Marty Krofft Jim Neighbors Ruth Buzzi

Here is the opening theme to the Sid and Marty Krofft Saturday morning series “The Lost Saucer Starring Jim Neighbors and Ruth Buzzi
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25 Responses to “The Lost Saucer Opening Sid And Marty Krofft Jim Neighbors Ruth Buzzi”

  1. Smartboy8877 says:


    A lot of things on TV will fall apart in your mind if you try to look at the logically!

  2. jerseyassasin1975 says:

    im 43. I remember the show. I dont recall the details. I see comments about black friends/ kids leaving home so heres my 2 cents. the age diffrence suggests that she is his babysitter. that would explain the race/age diffrence. also a teenage babysittter who lets the kid drag her into a spaceship when she is in shock about it makes more sense than other theories. its a kid show so maybee we shouldnt analize it too much. todays purple dinasaur doll growing and comming to life isnt any better,

  3. Ice883 says:

    Who would come out of their home and climb into a flying saucer because some strangers were motioning for them to come in? Their parents must be frantic worried and heartbroken. It’s serious, not a funny situation when you look at it logically!

  4. HimeNoKuri says:

    @simwrangler yeah I know! that is so weird! and there are no Tom and Helen Willises on TV anymore either! seems like tv is going backwards

  5. simwrangler says:

    @HimeNoKuri Remember, Jackson use to have a black friend name Cooper on Hannah Montana. I wonder what happen to him?

  6. Darren50001 says:

    that was my favorite along with Electra woman and Dyna Girl, Isis, and then Shazam. that was good TV back then! Thanks for finding this vintage show!

  7. HimeNoKuri says:

    the 70s were more prgressive than the tv now cos no white ppl have black friends on tv these days except everybody hates Chris and Good Luck CHarlie BTW I am white and this bothers me

  8. bigdreamer66 says:

    This actually looks better than Land of the Lost which I also loved to watch.

  9. swarlock says:

    Fancast has a listing for it on their site. We should suggest they put them online.
    There should be a DVD release too.

  10. swarlock says:

    Wish this was officially released in a DVD Box set.

  11. 2muchreality4u says:

    Yeah, I am also guilty of liking the whole Kroft Superstars line-up. Corny as heck, but when I was a kid, I was entertained.

  12. erok8150 says:

    the 70s kicked ass

  13. IAMVOL111 says:

    @Tito1701 … or disected ! Or used as guinea pigs in gruesome experiments ! Ever see those interviews with people who were actually abducted by aliens ? .. they’re traumatized wrecks !

  14. masterblair says:

    I so forgot I use to love watching this show. To think such greats did this schlock. Can’t really remember more about the series. Maybe I watched it while in a sugar coma.

  15. ocerg1111 says:

    Its little known that Alice playten, the teen girl in this show, went on to play Blix in legend.

  16. PatrioticPirate says:

    @ThoughtTraveler AND brian1969a, you’re both EXACTLY right. TV was worth the electricity then…

  17. PatrioticPirate says:

    HA-HAAAAAAA!!! I used to LOVE me some “Lost Saucer!” FANTASTIC POST!!!

  18. ThoughtTraveler says:


    Yeah…we are that old. I was right there with you on Saturday mornings watching this show.
    Where has the time gone?
    To tell you the painful truth brian ——- TAKE ME BACK TO 1975…PLEASE!!!

  19. Tito1701 says:

    Watch the kids happily board a strange alien spacecraft! Kids are sure lucky there were goofy androids and not face sucking, chest bursting insectoids!

  20. brian1969a says:

    Man, I can’t be this old. I used to watch this as a kid. Along with HR Puffinstuff and all that other corny-as-hell stuff. We LOVED it as kids. Watching it now, I have to wonder what the hell our parents were feeding us back then that we thought this was entertainment.

  21. MrRedFredSaid says:


  22. outsider497 says:

    @rane45lani45 Oh cool! I’m glad it still exists. He has alot of stuff like that. I’d love to see his collection. I just got a model of the saucer from a guy on eBay that makes UFO models. I asked if he could make a Lost Saucer and he did it. It took awhile but it looks great.

  23. rane45lani45 says:

    @outsider497 the lost saucer model is now owened by bob burns, prop collector in burbank, california

  24. eci4r says:

    I remember this show when I was in first or second grade

  25. cooliohunt says:

    I remember this Show when I was young. I loved it. I also loved Gomer Pyle because I was always a great fan of Jim Nabors but I loved both show very much.

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