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The Lost “I Love Lucy” Pilot ~ P1

Lucy tries to get into the act when Ricky’s band auditions for TV. Pilot – not made for broadcast
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25 Responses to “The Lost “I Love Lucy” Pilot ~ P1”

  1. walwaad says:

    @MsDisneylandlover Don’t kid yourself; there are many, many black and other races of people who love Lucy. In that regard, you are far from unique.

  2. walwaad says:

    @store275 Remember, Ricky worked at a nightclub (“The Tropicana”) in New York City; thus, he probably didn’t go to bed at 9p.m.

  3. walwaad says:

    @maryrose707 This pilot was filmed in March 1951. As you can tell from her costume, Lucy is very pregnant with her baby daughter, Lucie.

  4. maryrose707 says:

    @jeffdon4 I think so;

    Lucie was born on 7/17/51, but the date isn’t mentioned on the video, is it…

  5. jeffdon4 says:

    wasnt this right after lucille had Lucie arnaz?

  6. genesislover says:

    I LOVE how the beginning of the introduction is the guy when he’s old and you can hear his voice change back to the original intro. I don’t know why I love it so much. It makes me think of the connection between now, when I live, and back then when Lucy was young and beautiful and the episodes were new.

  7. ZhaneTheGreat says:

    @loverocks8120 Pilots don’t have major budgets.

  8. honeyblonde06 says:

    wow..never seen this before. thanx 4 da upload!

  9. Danerizm3 says:

    What the heck is this? Ricky needs to work out.

  10. Danerizm3 says:

    @MsDisneylandlover u r great!

  11. akiddlydivy2 says:

    That guy is in the Vitameatavegamin skit!

  12. Banana051 says:

    i wake up really late.. like 12 is my normal.. lol :)

  13. store275 says:

    Waking up at 11am??
    What a latenight lifestyle they had!

  14. MsDisneylandlover says:

    iam a black person n iam crazy about lucy they call me the black lucy n on top that iam a big disneyland fan not 2 many black people r n 2 that

  15. thebradybunchlover says:

    @loverocks8120 i noticed that too lol

  16. awkwardgrapefruit says:

    Omg….so sexist. LoL.

  17. 1Th1617 says:

    They were SO YOUNG!!! :)

  18. emms25 says:

    @dalxzzx on dvd? ive been watching it on cable…i should try and get it heh

  19. CaptainJess1994 says:

    In this pilot, they do things that they will do in later episodes……..Cool

  20. dalxzzx says:

    this is one of my fav episodes. so fresh. so brand new. so cute.
    i still crack up laughing everytimeee.
    i am so very luck to have the entire series on dvd.
    i love you Lucy

  21. Firegirlable says:

    Wasn’t she pregnant at the time

  22. tricianfred says:

    I’m shocked the censors let him take his shirt off like that, I would have thought that would have been taboo back then…I’m glad the actual show was done differently from this pilot, but that’s the case with most shows! So glad I Love Lucy was such a success and thank goodness both Desi and Lucy had the forethought to have the show filmed in actual film instead of the other stuff they were using then, because of that we can watch these shows on t.v. or youtube or DVD/VHS over and over again!

  23. ILoveLucyXOX says:

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  24. nicholasbarwick says:

    i need help finding out if my i love lucy prop is real can u help or tell me who can

  25. rem2267 says:

    Man, I can’t believe that nobody commented on this, so I will – The pissed-off bull on the back of Ricky’s pajama top. LMAO, It’s almost surreal.

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