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The Lone Ranger trade paperback

The Lone Ranger trade paperback

  • ISBN13: 9781933305400
  • Condition: New
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THE LONE RANGER is an unrelenting tale of the American West. Texas Ranger John Reid seeks revenge for the murders of his family and friends, only to find justice…and that he’s something greater than he ever thought he could be. Collecting the first

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5 Responses to “The Lone Ranger trade paperback”

  1. Christopher T. Murray says:

    Review by Christopher T. Murray for The Lone Ranger trade paperback
    Then again, if you expect it to be the old school western on your television…then you might not like it!

    They made it for today! It is great! I couldn’t put it down, such a great read. The art is gorgeous, maybe because it’s from a well know and award winning artist named Cassaday. He brought a lot of moods to this story, and so did the writing. The only downfall…..well….they had a pause in between issues around 17 or 18…but they are back! It’s great!!! :)

  2. cxlxmx says:

    Review by cxlxmx for The Lone Ranger trade paperback
    As a child, I had Lone Ranger board game, figures, picture books, movie, and radio shows (!). I was not the biggest fan, but it featured in my life. When the string of comic-book remakes started with Tim Burton’s Batman, I immediately expected a new, grittier Lone Ranger re-make to appear. It never happened. Then I found this series, and I thought maybe this was it. But it’s not. Although not a big comic consumer, I do like art and literature and have read comics in the past. This one falls short in conception and in execution.

    What is this re-make trying to do? Trying to show us? There is nothing new in the writing that adds to or changes the Lone Ranger plot in an interesting way. The work shows the influence of Watchmen (even with an alternative cover of a round ranger star/shield with a blood smear across it), including a new pathological killer (a hitman) and scenes of inhuman gore. So what?

    A good Lone Ranger story would flesh out the Tonto character (here, a muscle-bound superhero side-kick), expand on the backstory of Silver, the guns, the uniform, feature the western landscape and closer relationship with plants animals experienced in the 19th century, introduce self-doubt, complexity, and psychological development, maybe introduce a sexual or romantic element. I can’t say I found any of these things satisfactorily in this comic.

    I found the artwork uninspired. A “painted dessert” color palate was used, but it became repetitive and boring when spread everywhere.

    I remember comics from my youth having depth of backstory and believable characters. Not so much with this series.

  3. rick33 says:

    Review by rick33 for The Lone Ranger trade paperback
    This is a really nice addition to any Lone Ranger collection. For most of us the Lone Ranger IS Clayton Moore, but this graphic novel has beautiful artwork and tells the origin story with emotion and grittiness.

    I’d recommend to any Lone Ranger fan.

  4. Keelan Parham says:

    Review by Keelan Parham for The Lone Ranger trade paperback
    As a longtime fan of the Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore ruled!), I like just about anything with the Ranger in it. The Filmation cartoon, the less than stellar old comic books (Gold Key, maybe?), heck, even the Clinton Spilsbury (sp?) movie from the 80s. But this is probably the best Lone Ranger I’ve seen, in any medium. The updates of the characters, made more gritty and “real” feeling, all work. And there’s nods to other versions of the characters, even to Tonto’s famous “How!” phrase. I’m already looking forward to the next graphic novel installment of this series.

    Cue the William Tell Overture….

  5. J. Dinin says:

    Review by J. Dinin for The Lone Ranger trade paperback
    The art within these first 6 issues makes the purchase worth it. The dialogue is quite sparse, but this makes the Lone Ranger a superb example of the potential within this visual medium, “Show don’t tell”. This TPB also has some fascinating sketches in the back with notes from the artist and you can see the characters come to life. There are times when the sparsity of dialogue leave me a bit confused as to what is going on, but the story always brings the reader back, and sometimes just getting lost in the visuals is just as good as reading any comic. This comic is good old fashioned gun slingin’, vengeance seekin’, Wild Western fun. Highly reccommended, well worth the price tag too.

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