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The Lone Ranger – The Original Series, Vol. 1

The Lone Ranger – The Original Series, Vol. 1

Grab your mask and six-guns, kids, ‘cuz the Lone Ranger’s back and better than ever! Once again, the retro-wizards at Rhino have expertly packaged this welcome trip down TV memory lane, serving up six complete 22-minute episodes of the popular sho

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5 Responses to “The Lone Ranger – The Original Series, Vol. 1”

  1. John Field says:

    Review by John Field for The Lone Ranger – The Original Series, Vol. 1
    We’ll Rhino In their lack of research or un-caring have released edited and/or time compressed versions of this classic series! Traditionally t.v. shows produced prior to the early 80′s were made with more show and less commercials in mind. The Lone Ranger went to color It’s last two seasons. These shows run 25 unhurried minutes when seen without commericials. Rhino was given edited and worse yet time compressed episodes as their dvd masters. Notice how everything seems rushed and un-natural. Movements are compromised by the digital manipulation of the originl 24 frames per second to the now 30 to 40 frames a second. Nick at Nite and T.V. Land both show edited/time compressed prints. When we buy ANY films or t.v. shows on dvd, we expect them to look fantastic and be UN-CUT and UN-TAMPERED with. These shows are neither. Worse yet, the great black and white origin of the Lone Ranger was originally a THREE PART adventure. Here Rhino provides us with two edited parts leaving the climactic episode off! I understand that Rhino has announced they are releasing 19 Lone Ranger episodes in a box set. Will these be un-cut? Will these be un-fair examples of our t.v. heritage that generations to come will be cheated by? Write your letters kiddies. Let Rhino and the rest know that you want to see these shows as your parents and grandparents saw them.

  2. RET407 says:

    Review by RET407 for The Lone Ranger – The Original Series, Vol. 1
    Why in the world would you want to buy this collection of edited/time compressed episodes. They totally violate my memories of the character. Rhino has normally had a reputation for issuing some of the finest TV programs. This is really below their standards. Don’t waste your time or money on this one. I hope that ultimately someone wil issue all the Lone Ranger episodes in their original condition.

  3. Kay's Husband says:

    Review by Kay’s Husband for The Lone Ranger – The Original Series, Vol. 1

    Don’t know about these discs from Rhino, however, I have the earlier 4 disc-19 episode DVDs issued in 2003, all 19 in color, and Rhino did a great job with that set. Set also includes interviews with Clayton Moore’s daughter, Dawn Moore, and Moore’s longtime friend, Rand Brooks. If you enjoy the “masked man”, cannot afford to be without this one, pardner. Nothing like the Lone Ranger in color!

    Based upon what I read here, I won’t be buying these. Thanks guys. Time compression-can’t believe it. Oh, well.

    Semper Fi.

  4. Roy F. Lauper says:

    Review by Roy F. Lauper for The Lone Ranger – The Original Series, Vol. 1
    Remembering as a child as I watched the many westerns of those times, how I loved the good guys beating the bad guys. Now, as time has gone by, I’ve learned the fantasies of the simple plots of those old stories. But as all things in life that I’ve also learned, fantasies, make believe stories (Star Wars! ?), their good for soul & mind. Just remember the realities of life, lurks out that front door!

  5. Charles W. Adams says:

    Review by Charles W. Adams for The Lone Ranger – The Original Series, Vol. 1
    Rhino includes four 20 minute color episodes of “The Lone Ranger,” originally aired in September and October, 1956 and the two original 15 minute black and white episodes, “Enter the Lone Ranger,” and “The Ranger Fights On,” aired aired for the first time back before the Korean War in 1949. Actually I never realized there were any color episodes of the TV series, since I was a sophomore in college when these four episodes were aired. The color and sound are excellent, adding to the enjoyment of these melodramas that represent the finest American values.

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