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The Lone Ranger and the Lost City Of Gold

The Lone Ranger and the Lost City Of Gold

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  1. Robert S. Clay Jr. says:

    Review by Robert S. Clay Jr. for The Lone Ranger and the Lost City Of Gold
    The Lone Ranger and Tonto ride to the rescue when a gang of hooded-raiders spreads murder and terror searching for a legendary treasure on Indian land. As a nostalgic treat, this Western movie is perfect for those who remember those thrilling days of yesteryear. Clayton Moore’s portrayal of the Lone Ranger is part of childhood memories for many loyal fans. Jay Silverheels will be forever identified as “his faithful Indian companion, Tonto.” Amidst a plethora of cereal commercials, The Lone Ranger and Tonto chased the bad guys right off our B&W TV screens back in the baby-boomer ’50s. This is the second of two feature length films produced after the TV series ended first-run episodes in 1956. The color photography enhances the excitement of larger-than-life heroes. The script and other production values are Grade B, at best, but, who cares? When The Lone Ranger, on his fiery horse, Silver, rides over the horizon outlaws are out of luck. The Lone Ranger’s distinctive manner of dress (red neckerchief, white hat, and blue jump suit) identifies him as a real American hero. The trademark black mask, silver bullets, and gleaming six-guns effectively round out the mysterious and heroic image. As an interesting aside, the movie makes some thoughtful observations of the racial injustice suffered by Native Americans. As usual, good triumphs over evil, and traditional values are preserved. This is a great way to introduce today’s high tech kids to the legned of The Lone Ranger. Simple pleasures are the best. Enjoy the ride, right down to the final “Heigh-Yo, Silver, away!” ;-)

  2. Jenny Brobst says:

    Review by Jenny Brobst for The Lone Ranger and the Lost City Of Gold
    This Lone Ranger movie is action-packed from the beginning until the end, and it’s even in color, too! This was the last Lone Ranger movie ever made, and it was the last film in which Clayton Moore was the Lone Ranger and Jay Silverheels was Tonto. A great finale to their careers! The whole plot centers on five silver medallions cut from the same plaque that, put together, lead to a long-lost city of gold. These medallions belong to Indians, three of whom have been killed by the Hooded Raiders who wish to obtain the riches for themselves. Can the Lone Ranger and Tonto stop the Hooded Raiders from killing the two remaining Indians? Buy the film and find out. Anyone who loves the Lone Ranger will love this movie! A must-have for any Lone Ranger fan!!!

  3. BVT says:

    Review by BVT for The Lone Ranger and the Lost City Of Gold
    Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels established the definitive Lone Ranger and Tonto characterization for all ages. They started in 1949 and had a successful TV series running for many years ending sometime after the mid 1950′s. John Hart’s Lone Ranger was a filler when Clayton went into a hiatus from the series. The TV series was capped by the “Lone Ranger” movie in 1957, which epitomized what a Lone Ranger cinematic presentation should be, unequalled in production design and grandiose in presentation. However, “The Lone Ranger and the City of Gold” is a lesson on how not to follow-up a successful movie with a sequel, as this pales in comparison. This is like a TV movie transposed to the big scren. But this film is significant for it signalled the end of the Moore-Silverheels film rendition of these western heroes. And about time too. This movie shows both actors getting old as the wrinkles of age are markedly obvious in this excellent VCI refurbishing of the film. The colors and sharpness are outstanding. That is the main reason why this must be part of one’s DVD collection. This is labelled as a Region 1 DVD but appears to be a Region 0 disc as I was able to open it up in my Region 3 player. Thank heavens for that. Now all other Lone Rangers fans anywhere in the world can truly enjoy this one. This is why I rate it 4 stars.

  4. J. Lovins says:

    Review by J. Lovins for The Lone Ranger and the Lost City Of Gold
    VCI Entertainment and Warner Bros. present the second big screen full length in color “The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold” (Special Edition) (1958) (Dolby digitally remastered), long running Lone Ranger series on radio and then turned out in the early ’40s in the movies…it’s all new and in Warnercolor the west’s greatest hero…the story line is excellent with outstanding action scenes and production with over hours worth of entertainment….the plot is as follows, a series of killings occur in a desert town which an Indian tribe if blamed and The Ranger and Tonto are on the trail to bring out the truth…is there a hidden gold mine on Indian land…what has five medallions got to do with all of this…three Indians are murdered each wearing a medallion when they died…will the medallions clear up the solution that points to gold…watch the Ranger use many of his disguises to come up with the answers…is there racism involved with a doctor who must deny his inner feelings of being Native American…all this and much more awaits fans of The Masked Man and his Indian Companion…we all know very well that Tonto and the Ranger are very good friends and saddle partners…Clayton Moore once stated he loved Jay Silverheels like a Brother…and that my friends is a real hero!

    Under director Lesley Selander, producers Jack Wrather and Sherman A Harris, screenplay by George W. Trendle, Robert Schaefer and Eric Friewald…the cast include Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger, aka Bret Reagan), Jay Silverheels (Tonto), Silver (Lone Ranger’s horse), Scout (Tonto’s horse), Douglas Kennedy (Ross Brady), Charles Watts (Sheriff Oscar Matthison), Noreen Nash (Mrs. Frances ‘Fran’ Henderson), Ralph Moody (Padre Vincente Esteban), Lisa Montell (Paviva), John Miljan (Chief Tomache), Dean Fredericks (Dr. James Rolfe), Maurice Jara (Redbird), William Henry (Travers – Henchman), Lane Bradford (Wilson – Henchman)…great Cinematography by Kenneth Peach and music score by Les Baxter…the Masked Man rides to new heights of excitement…entertainment for every man, woman and child who ever dreamed of adventure…another thrilling days of yesteryear western with a “Hi-Yo Silver” the Lone Ranger rides again with this big screen technicolor release from Warner Brothers Pictures.

    CHAPTER TITLES: (Disc One)

    (The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold – Special Edition -Wide Screen & Full Screen)

    1. Legends Begins

    2. Survivor

    3. The Padre

    4. Get the Doctor

    5. Why Stay?

    6. Legends

    7. Willing Victim

    8. In Disguise

    9. Our People


    11.Arriving Today

    12.Taken Prisoner

    13.Waste of Time

    14.Last Medallion

    15.The Stand

    16.Life Sentence

    17.Many Dreams

    18.End Credits


    1. Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction of Clayton Moore in 1990.

    2. Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction of Jay Silverheels in 1993

    BIOS:(Disc Two)


    Birth Name: Jack Carlton Moore

    Birth Date: 9/14/1914 – Chicago, Illinois

    Death Date: 12/28/1999) – Los Angeles, CA


    Birth Name: Harold J. Smith

    Birth Date: 5/26/1918 – Ontario, Canada

    Death Date: 3/05/1980 – Woodland Hills, CA

    3. Douglas Kennedy

    4. Charles Watts

    5. Noreen Nash

    6. Lesley Selander (Director)

    PHOTO GALLERY (Disc Two)

    1. “The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold” the films stills in color & black and white – Lobby Cards

    VCI TRAILERS:(Disc Two)

    1. “Ride in the Whirlwind” (Jack Nicholson, Mille Perkins, Cameron Mitchell and Harry Dean Stanton)

    2. “The Shooting” (Jack Nicholson, Millie Perkins, Will Hutchins and Warren Oates)

    3. “The Lone Ranger” (thunders to the motion picture screen) (restored trailer)

    4. “The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold” (restored trailer) (Golden Book Entertaiment)


    Written by Fran Striker.

    Clayton Moore was a circus acrobat at the age of eight and grew up in the Midwest (Illinois)…worked in the circus and traveled to New York and then Hollywood where he became a stuntman and bit player…inducted into the “Stuntman’s Hall of Fame” in 1982…also received the “Western Heritage Award from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame’” also the “Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum” both in 1990…Clayton was once quoted “Playing him [the Lone Ranger] made me a better person.”, “Once I got the Lone Ranger role, I didn’t want any other. I was playing the good guy.”…”I will continue wearing the white hat and black mask until I ride up into the big ranch in the sky.” (On his costume as the Lone Ranger, February 4, 1985)…Clayton very much enjoyed quoting and lived by “A Ranger’s Creed” which included this moral lesson “That God put the firewood there, but every man must gather and light it himself.”

    Great job by VCI Entertainment for releasing the digital transfere with a clean, clear and crisp print…looking forward to more of the same from The Lone Ranger vintage era…order your copy now from Amazon or VCI Entertainment, stay tuned once again with a top notch B-Western from VCI…just the way we like ‘em!

    Total Time: 83 mins on 2 DVD’s ~ VCI Entertainment 8254 ~ (4/24/2001)

  5. Bruce Hunter says:

    Review by Bruce Hunter for The Lone Ranger and the Lost City Of Gold
    Not only did Clayton Moore try to live up to his role as the Lone Ranger, so did I. Thank God I had role models like this when I was growing up. What a different country this would be if kids still tried to emulate the silver screen cowboys of yesteryear. As for the movie, it has everything. Rich color, beautiful scenery, some of the best fight scenes ever put on film, and a subtext about the evils of racism. Put aside your modern world cynicism and just enjoy this movie and every other film you can put your hands on about this great American hero.

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