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The Lone Ranger

The death of a fantastic American Hero
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25 Responses to “The Lone Ranger”

  1. arthur1920 says:


    this was very nice. I did feel the passing of Clayton Moore as well.

  2. Blogengezer says:

    Tried to emulate the ‘Heros’ of the long gone past. It worked well for me throughout life. The Lone Ranger was one of my foremost ‘Heros’. society today has severe problems due to the lack of interest in real heros. Today youngsters demand instant gratification and not much else. Rivers of Mercy Childrens Home in Juarez attempts to give throw away children an awareness of ‘Heros’…

  3. ezcomezgo11 says:

    Mr. Kiser, though I am only seeing your video now, I assure you that you were not alone in having a heavy heart upon hearing that Mr. Moore passed away. He was one of the best of us.

  4. ThirdForceBlind says:

    Thanks Roger! I’m 61 years old now – enough said. :)

  5. MegaCrowman says:

    I am 41 and was touched almost to tears by your video. I too grew up with abuse and lived my teen yrs in group homes/foster homes. It’s good for children like us to have a hero to look up to, a role model if you will. The abuse left me with very little time to be a kid. Now at 41 I am reclaiming it by buying childhood toys and cartoons. and I swear NO ONE will take it away again. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. May the creator be with you on your journey to peace. Ty again

  6. dictionar1 says:

    You, Roger Dean Kiser, are my friend and brother. I was inspired by this great man too in the absence of a male role model in my youth. God bless you. “Heigh-yo Silver!”

  7. nycolas1712 says:

    @xtcdeargod …Thank you ! my friend !!!

  8. xtcdeargod says:

    @nycolas1712 I think it is Randy Van Warmer, You left me(just when I needed you most)

  9. nycolas1712 says:

    Please, let me know the name of the singer and music. Thank you.

  10. RangerAlways says:

    @rhb909 You are correct, sir. No one could ever take the place of the man that taught so many of us so many things. I’ve tried to give my kids & grandkids the same lessons as a reminder that we CAN be better to each other, fight for right, & stand for truth, even if we start out as only 1 person.

  11. goatrockafellers says:

    I got to meet The Lone Ranger at a toys for tots in L.A. I was about 6 years old at the time. He was so big and in color, unlike on T.V. A great Man, a shinning example of good.

  12. gijoefan67 says:

    Excellent work! I grew up in the 70′s watchin TLR on Saturday afternoon’s. When everyone else was wanting to play Star Wars, I was playing the Lone Ranger. He was, and still IS my number one hero!!!

  13. personalsolutions says:

    Thanks RDK – what a wonderful memorial for our masked hero. I’m a 60 year old girl and grew up with the Lone Ranger as my hero on our farm in the UK. I loved the Lone Ranger and have only just re-discovered him, strange,…it’s like yesterday. All kids get lonely even with parents and brothers, but it helped having him around every week letting us know some really important growing up life lessons.

  14. imback4thcav says:

    Thanks! Great Memories!!

  15. RangerAlways says:

    Well done, RDK. Several men played the Ranger but Clayton brought him to life. I have grandchildren & TLR is STILL my hero. Good values never die but are passed on. William Boyd, Hopalong Cassidy was another that became his character. On a London tour, Boyd was met by thousands of fans. In bad weather to boot. Boyd was on a tight schedule but stayed & signed autographs to the last one making him late. He said, “They came to see Hoppy & I can’t dissapoint them.” Clayton & Bill, still heroes.

  16. sclattie says:

    Keep coming back to this one, stirs so many memories.

  17. BiggieJack says:

    Thanks for the great video. We never missed THE Lone Ranger as kids. Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels were our hero’s.

  18. master008x says:

    Made me smile and be a child again.. nice video.

  19. nowonboard says:

    This is the time of year when Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels riding in the The Hollywood Christmas Parade. Was the highlight of the Parade for me and a sad when he was striped of his mask!
    Thanks for the memories!

  20. rhb909 says:

    Thanks,Roger for this great tribute to “The Lone Ranger”!If only kids today had a hero like him,this would be such a better world!Clayton Moore will always be “THE Lone Ranger”May his legend live on for ever! Thanks for the memories!! Sheriff R.H.Beltner, Taylor Co. Sheriffs Dept.,Grafton,WV.

  21. Carolina46976 says:

    Extremely well done..Thank you.
    I met Clayton Moore circa 1970 when he appeared at a bank opening in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was dressed as the Lone Ranger and it was a huge thrill. He was one of my heroes also. Several years ago, someone decided to remake the Lone Ranger movie and instead of hiring Clayton Moore to promote it, they sued him to force him to stop wearing the mask. These people are what we call fools! Clayton Moore was, is, and always will be the Lone Ranger.

  22. cabby124 says:

    i like this a lot…

  23. OaGuardian says:

    Absolutely great tribute to a man that many of us idolized and aspired to be. Great job. Thanks for posting it.

  24. tigersharka says:

    Thank you Riger…it was very well done. I met Mr. Moore when I was a child. He rode in on Silver for a promotion. I was in awe…and still am. He will always be a true American Hero to me…and many others. “Hi Yo Silver…..away”

  25. elliottfour says:

    Nicely done!

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