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The Life and Occasions of Grizzly Adams – Wear the Sun in your Heart – Thom Pace

I grew up watching the Television Series Grizzly Adams and just loved it. I feel it was the building block of how I view Nature these days. I cherish that I was able to locate the entire series on DVD on the web for sale and add it to my collection. Confident it is not the very best of top quality but it brings back so a lot of memories of my childhood and watching it with my loved ones, I’m just happy to have it for sentimental causes. They don’t make series like this anymore and that is sad.. This song “Wear the Sun in your Heart” and “Possibly” by Thom Pace are just fantastic in there meanings I in no way get sick of hearing them.. Song Lyrics: You have no room for the life you’re leadin’ anymore Get away, get away, the path is open Leave the burdens of a world you never knew behind Wear the sun in your heart Hey, Stormy climate, which way you traveling these days? Hey, Let me know! I’ll go the other way Cause you know I left my troubles long ago, Now I’m free And you know with all that freedom there’s a pain haunting me As the clouds move in your worries have all gone Thunder, thunder calls out your name And as the rain falls it will cleanse your tired soul Wear the sun in your heart Evening calls you although the canyons far away Alone, alone your globe begins By way of misty forests life is waiting just for you Wear the sun in your heart Wear the sun in your heart Wear the sun in your heart Wear the sun in your heart Wear the sun in your heart Some information on Thom Pace and the show Grizzly Adams: Thom Pace (born Thomas M

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12 Responses to “The Life and Occasions of Grizzly Adams – Wear the Sun in your Heart – Thom Pace”

  1. MoviesMusicNature says:

    @Pirioshka1 Great lyrics aren’t they? Thanks for stopping by and commenting.. Although there are a few good shows on tv today most are not and these older ones like this are so good in my opinion.. Glad to see others like the old time shows also :-)

  2. Pirioshka1 says:

    I had been looking for the lyrics of “wear the sun in your heart” for a long time before I found them here.. thanks a lot! I prefere those “old-fashoned” series to what we see on TV nowadays.

  3. seahue says:

    Thanks for sharing turk242…Nice to hear from another one born in 71:) It’s all about dead bodies and fake and vapid reality these days…I agree with you on all the shows you mentioned…I don’t remember night gallery but I will check into that. I do remember tales from the darkside and I remember having a thing for Elvira:D Glad to hear you’re sharing the collections with you kids:)

  4. turk242 says:

    Grizzly Adams – all-time fav … next was Kung-Fu, and then Night Gallery. i was born in 71 – but these were my staples. also … i remember going to bed every night to the opening of MASH. it was over my head then but i love it now. good times folks. nothing like that on TV these days – that’s why i am buying all of these collections – so my kids at least have something to watch! oh yeah … COSMOS the series – blew my mind when i was just 9 – hope it does the same for my kid!

  5. MoviesMusicNature says:

    @SonitiVeri Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Great memories from this show for sure :-) Mountains and Nature equal Peace and Harmony!

  6. SonitiVeri says:


    My favorite childhood television program.
    I’ve always loved the music as well.
    I too would love to live in the mountains and in harmony with Nature.

  7. MoviesMusicNature says:

    @crappiefillet Now that is cool… I love the idea of living in a cabin in the mountains also! We have rented quite a few cabins in The Smoky Mountains and I just love it there! I don’t get that cabin feeling anywhere else I have ever been. I would love to retire and escape into the mountains sort of like Grizzly Adams.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  8. crappiefillet says:

    My favorite song and my favorite movie. I dont think its very realistic but I love the idea of it and I watch it at least once or twice a year. I believe I saw it in the theatre when I was 10 in 1974. I have a cabin in Northern MN and I go there frequently by myself and I often joke with people when they ask me what I am doing this weekend I say “Escaping into the wilderness and leaving behind the only Life I ever knew.” Thanks for posting!!

  9. MoviesMusicNature says:

    I liked all these mentioned also :-) I love that you can get just about any show from back then on DVD now! I have quite the collection.. fun to just throw a DVD in and get those memories of back then again ;-)

  10. seahue says:

    Highway to Heaven, Little House, facts of life, thats incredible, diff strokes, silver spoons, incredible hulk…just to name a few…and yes.. Saturday…known as ‘cartoon day’. … …that died as well…It’s sad but at least we have the memories and now dvd versions of many of our fave shows.

  11. MoviesMusicNature says:

    Thanks Seahue!

    Oh gosh! so many favorite shows to name. I loved Eight is Enough also, Flipper, Wild Kingdom, Six Million Dollar Man, Chips, Adam 12, Emergency, MASH, Mork and Mindy, Rockford Files, Starsky and Hutch just to name a few.

    Then Saturday morning shows rocked! Land of the Lost, Lidsville, most Sid and Marty Croft shows were cool.. so many!

    Nothing comes close nowadays.. Sad

  12. seahue says:

    Nice tribute to a great mountain man:D
    You are very right about there being no series like this anymore…no more shows with lessons and morales. You inspired me to look at the prime time tv schedule for the 1970s-1990. Grizzly was 1977- in the same time slot as Eight is Enough and good times. The 1980s has got to be the golden age for tv. Everyday I had my fave shows from 8-10pm. Now nothing. Tragic. What were your fave shows besides Grizzly?

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